Melania Trump Without Makeup Trending Amid Stunning Book Claims About President, Administration

Melania Trump has rapidly become a fashion barometer since her husband, Donald Trump, won the White House in the 2016 Elections. Normally, headlines about First Lady Trump are about her wardrobe — what and who she wears on any given day. However, according to Google Trends data, people are feverishly searching for pictures of Melania Trump without makeup and her choice of cosmetics.

A new book due to be published highlights alleged White House dysfunction during President Trump’s campaign and first year in the Oval Office. In his sensational book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Michael Wolff, who conducted “hundreds” of interviews with Trump staffers and confidantes, divulged claims of backstabbing, Trump disloyalty, purported admissions of infidelity, and more. The president’s lawyers are trying to stop publication on the grounds of alleged defamation; a cease and desist letter was sent to the publisher, according to Politico.

Wolff writes about the president’s family members in ways that raise eyebrows about their characters and feelings about one another. For example, the author hints at the president’s supposed incestuous desires for his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

In one excerpt, Wolff wrote that Trump once said that he considers his eldest of two daughters, his “real wife.” In another excerpt from the explosive book, the author says that Melania Trump cried — not tears of joy — over the news that Trump was declared the winner of the presidential election. “Melania (and the entire Trump family, including Trump himself) was convinced he would lose,” Cosmopolitan wrote.

No current news sources are reporting on Melania Trump without makeup. However, one recent post briefly mentions her wardrobe and face during a brief trip.

Melania often wears smoky makeup to accentuate her eyes and a soft palette of blush tones about her cheeks. The first lady appeared in pictures with her husband and their son, Barron, upon their return from a Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve party.

A sentence was dedicated to her cosmetics for the occasion: “Melania, who was wearing heavy eye-make-up, held on to her husband’s hand as they walked across the White House lawn.” However, the Yahoo post focused largely on Mrs. Trump’s “skintight” leather leggings.”

In 2016, Beauty Editor explored Melania Trump’s changing face over the years, ostensibly, augmented by cosmetic procedures and larger applications of makeup. During an interview that year, GQ’s Julia Ioffe asked Melania if she had work done on her boobs. The future first lady scoffed at the idea. Mrs. Trump then spoke about her youthful appearance.

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“I didn’t make any changes. A lot of people say I am using all the procedures for my face. I didn’t do anything. I live a healthy life, I take care of my skin and my body. I’m against Botox, I’m against injections; I think it’s damaging your face, damaging your nerves. It’s all me. I will age gracefully, as my mom does.”

The Beauty Editor expressed suspicions about Melania Trump’s downplay of heavy makeup use and rumors of her having undergone cosmetic surgery procedures to maintain her ageless look. The site offers a bit of skepticism about Melania’s “all-natural” insistence and defers to statements made by Dr. Franklin Rose, a plastic surgeon during an interview with Life & Style magazine.

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“Her face has a stony look from being overfilled and over-Botoxed. Melania’s forehead is as smooth as a baby’s rear end, so she’s had liberal amounts of Botox for sure. Her cheeks, along with the nasolabial lines between the nose and corners of the mouth, likely have fillers. [Her rhinoplasty] is a beautiful job. Whoever is treating her now is just a little overzealous with the injectables.”

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