New Coffee Table Computer By Lenovo To Debut At CES 2013 [Video]

A new coffee table computer to be released by Lenovo will reportedly allow up to four people to use the device at one time. The machine debuts at CES 2013 this week.

The coffee table PC is designed to bring families together through the use of one common computer system. Instead of being spread around the house on a number of different gadgets, The Associated Press explains that Lenovo is hoping the PC will bring people together.

Dubbed the IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC, the so-called “interpersonal computer” reportedly resembles an iMac when it stands upright. The Windows 8-powered 27-inch computer can also lay flat in order for the family to take advantage of a number of popular video games.

Since the device is being billed as something the family can gather around and enjoy, the new coffee table computer can respond to up to ten fingers at one time. reports that Lenovo announced the “interpersonal computer” on Sunday. The PC is expected to make its debut at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this week.

Dee Kumar, director of global marketing for Lenovo, explained:

“It’s definitely a new category; the world’s first home table personal computer. This can be a full-power 27-inch PC, but at the same time we want families using this device. We want to take social to the next level. Smartphones and tablets provide one-to-one interaction, but it is great for a family to come back home and use this device to consume content.”

Lenovo reportedly worked with video game developers such as Ubisoft and Electronic Arts in order to adapt titles specifically for the tablet’s screen.

In terms of size, the Associated Press described the coffee table machine as “eight iPads stitched together.” The PC reportedly weighs in at around 15 pounds. The device isn’t the only thing that’s hefty; interested parties can expect to drop $1,699 for the tablet.

You can check out CNET coverage of the table PC below.

Those attending CES 2013 will have an opportunity to see the machine in action. What do you think about Lenovo’s new coffee table computer?

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