Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry Go “Hard Rock” With New Hollywood Vampires Album

Johnny Depp and Joe Perry will make Alice Cooper proud with their blistering new guitar riffs and original songs for the super group, Hollywood Vampires. The Vampires, Johnny, Joe, and Alice, started out as a tribute band, but this summer Perry, Depp, and Cooper are releasing an album featuring all-new, original, hard rock songs.

Alice Cooper announced to AZ Central, he, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry are recording their new Hollywood Vampires album from December 10 until February 26. That’s the space of time between Alice Cooper’s Pudding Concert and Cooper’s return to his Paranormal Tour.

“I would imagine in that time that we’ll be going over to L.A. to record with the Vampires, because the Vampires, I think, are gonna go out in June.”

Though Alice Cooper originally invited Johnny Depp and Joe Perry to form a tribute band to fallen rockers, Hollywood Vampires is evolving to become something more. With three accomplished musicians like Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, and Alice Cooper, why not write original material for Hollywood Vampires?

Alice Cooper described the album to AZ Central as a very hard rock album. Considering Johnny Depp and Joe Perry are providing two guitars as a strong backup for shock rocker Alice Cooper, that should be no surprise.

“It’s gonna be a hard-rock album. I know that. A very hard-rock album. Knowing those guys, their pedigree is hard rock. Joe Perry, Johnny and myself, we’re all sort of classic rock guys. So I think the songs will have a modern tinge to them but they’ll be pretty much classic guitar rock.”

Alice Cooper is a 70-year-old rocker, beloved by young and old. Joe Perry is the lead guitarist for Aerosmith, an iconic band that has endured for decades.

Johnny Depp, though known for his incredible acting skills, is also a professional musician and has been since his teens. Johnny Depp started his career as a musician, and Depp has continued to develop his skills. Alice Cooper has expressed his appreciation for Johnny Depp’s guitar work on many occasions.

Alice Cooper is obviously proud as a peacock as he explains the efforts of Johnny Depp and Joe Perry to AZ Central.

“Johnny’s been writing, Joe’s writing, I’m writing. When we all get together, we’re gonna have a conglomeration of a lot of songs. That’s for the producer to figure out what songs go where and everything. But we’ve got a lot of material.”

Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper performing as Hollywood Vampires

Hollywood Vampires is planning a world tour this summer, and Cooper, Depp, and Perry are already highly anticipated in Germany. The German fans are impatiently awaiting five shows in German venues this summer from Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry, according to Focus, a German publication.

In addition to Johnny Depp, Joe Perry and Alice Cooper, the Hollywood Vampires tour will include other rock stars from “their circle of friends,” according to Focus. While Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry certainly know a virtually countless body of rockers, one could speculate Marilyn Manson could be among them. Still, Hollywood Vampires fans must wait and see as the line up has not been officially announced.

Hollywood Vampires hysteria is growing worldwide with the combined power of Johnny Depp’s fan base, Alice Cooper’s reputation as a rocker, and Joe Perry’s considerable clout as a member of Aerosmith. Announcements about original music by Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry only add to the excitement.

Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry are taking Hollywood Vampires to the next level this summer with original music and a major world tour.

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