WWE Is Taking Curt Hawkins’ Losing Streak To Another Level

Those who watched World Championship Wrestling in the late 1990s are well aware of the impressive winning streak held by Bill Goldberg of 173-0 before losing to Kevin Nash with the help of Scott Hall. During this time, he picked up quality wins against Sting, Scott Hall, The Giant, and “Diamond” Dallas Page. His biggest win came against Hollywood Hogan on July 6, 1998, inside the Georgia Dome. Here, Goldberg would extend his streak to 108-0 and win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Another famous streak came recently in NXT and may never be duplicated. Women’s wrestling star Asuka showed that she was the most dominant female to ever step foot in the brand, as she was never pinned or submitted during the time she was in NXT from her debut match on October 7, 2015, to when she relinquished the Women’s Championship on the September 6, 2016, edition of NXT on the WWE Network. Asuka is also undefeated since her debut for the Raw brand at TLC last October.

While these streaks are impressive and may never occur again, current Raw competitor Curt Hawkins has experienced quite the opposite. Since returning to WWE to add depth to brands following the roster split, the former Tag Team Champion has experienced a major slump in his career. Hawkins would lose a few televised matches following his return, then spectators noticed a path of these losses becoming more frequent. All of a sudden, people started to realize that an inverted streak began, and these defeats began to be tallied.

Now, Hawkins is up to over 150 straight losses without a single win, and WWE has now released a T-shirt commemorating this embarrassing feat.

Although 2017 was most likely Hawkins’ worse year of his professional wrestling career, he vows to have a more promising 2018. Recently, he bragged that he is undefeated in 2018, and even received an “endorsement” from The Rock.

For any competitor in WWE, or even the indies, losing 150 straight times is surely nothing to brag about. However, Hawkins has certainly turned lemons into lemonade by getting this losing streak over, as well as prompting WWE to release merchandise for the “accomplishment.” Hopefully, for Hawkins, this streak will come to an end in 2018, and a different T-shirt will be released.

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