‘Teen Mom 2’ Fans Want Briana DeJesus Fired After She Laughs At Suicide Video

Some Teen Mom 2 fans are calling for Briana DeJesus to be fired from the MTV reality show after she reacted in a way they found inappropriate to a recent controversial video by YouTube star Logan Paul. In the video, Logan goes into Japan’s “suicide forest” and finds a dead body hanging from a tree, which is reportedly shown in the now deleted video.

According to a January 4 report by In Touch Weekly, the video caused an instant controversy online and created a media firestorm around Logan Paul. Logan has since apologized for his behavior and taken the video down. He has also announced that he’ll be stepping away from YouTube for a break following the controversy. However, once something is on the internet, it’s never really gone, and others have started posting the video as well. Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus took to her Twitter account to reveal that she watched the video, and that’s when fans began to roast her for her insensitive comments.

DeJesus claimed that her sister, Brittany, made her watch the suicide forest video, and she said that she believed the men in the video were acting weak, using an expletive to describe their behavior. The Teen Mom 2 star followed up her comments with emojis and the acronym “LMAO.”

Briana DeJesus then claimed that she got a Groupon deal to see the suicide forest for herself, and fans began to call her out for her insensitivity. One fan told her that the forest was “far from a tourist attraction,” and if she did go, she should go to pay respect or pray and not use it as a scary adventure. “MTV get her off the show now,” another Teen Mom 2 fan added.

Although Briana DeJesus has yet to weigh in on the negative fan reaction due to her tweets, the Teen Mom 2 star did add on social media that those who know her well know that she loves all kinds of different foods and “haunted crazy sh–,” adding another emoji and the acronym “LOL.”

Briana DeJesus is no stranger to online controversy herself. She is often called out by Teen Mom 2 fans for the things that she posts on social media, including personal details about her relationships, comments about race, and other sensitive topics.

Teen Mom 2 will return to MTV later this year.

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