Rob Kardashian Denies Blac Chyna Domestic Abuse In Ongoing Beatdown Assault Lawsuit

Rob Kardashian is firmly denying Blac Chyna’s claims in court, stressing that she was allegedly abused and battered by the reality star.

The 30-year-old is said to be stunned by some of the allegations that the former stripper has made against her ex-boyfriend, having made it known in court papers that she felt victimized in the relationship with Kardashian because of his supposed mental issues.

Chyna claims that in April 2017, Rob Kardashian allegedly punched her and threw her to the ground after she had attempted to call her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, for help.

Not only that, she goes on to mention that Rob supposedly grabbed her phone and threw it away, and if things weren’t bad enough, she also claims that in the moment of rage, Kardashian ripped there hinges off a door.

Blac Chyna portrays to herself to have been scared during the moment she was assaulted by the father of her child, as mentioned in the court papers.

She suffered multiple injuries from the attack, and anything that transpired after that would have been in self-defense.

The 29-year-old concludes her lawsuit by mentioning that on one particular night, Rob Kardashian had shown her a gun next to a box of pills. The TV personality mentioned that he would allegedly kill himself if Chyna was to continue hurting his feelings the way that she had prior to their encounter that night.

The Blast notes that Rob Kardashian is firmly denying anything and everything that the mother of two has held against her ex-fiancé in the lawsuit, stressing that any injuries Chyna may have suffered were caused upon herself.

Rob mentions that Chyna attacked him on multiple occasions, so the only way she could have suffered with wounds would have been by her own actions, not because the reality star had abused her.

In the midst of dealing with this lawsuit, Rob’s family members, Kim and Kris Jenner, are both being thrown into the mix of things following Blac’s claims that the two aforementioned named are to blame for the cancelation of her E! reality show.

Both lawsuits are still ongoing, with the Kardashians currently denying any wrongdoing.

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