Tamar Braxton Not Reconciling With Vince Herbert After Cheating Claims Amid Divorce Plans

Tamar Braxton has no plans to reconcile with estranged husband Vince Herbert despite being spotted with him on multiple occasions during the Christmas holidays, it has been revealed.

While the singer openly admits having spent several afternoons with Vince last week, including the days leading up to New Year’s Eve, she has little to no interest in reuniting with the music mogul.

From what Hollywood Life gathers, Tamar Braxton definitely still wants to pull through with her plans to divorce the father of her child, whom she filed legal actions back in October, followed with the restraining order that she desperately request from a judge.

Sources tell the publication that too many things have transpired in the last couple of months that there’s absolutely no going back now.

The reason behind Tamar spending time with Vince during Christmas and the days after was simply because of their son, Logan.

Though the singer has no plans to reconcile with Herbert, he is still Logan’s father, and if anything, she wants Vince to be an active parent in his child’s life, regardless of the issues the two have had with one another — that’s the most important thing to her.

In days, Tamar Braxton reportedly learned that Vince is allegedly expecting a baby with Laura Govan, an allegation which the reality star has strongly denied despite Tamar’s refusal to retract her comments.

Tamar is convinced that Vince is having a baby, and with the things that have transpired in recent months, she doesn’t want to put herself back into a position where she feels like she’s hurting herself and evidently their child.

While Braxton has denied claims that Vince abused her through their marriage, the singer’s mother, Evelyn, publicly stressed that domestic abuse definitely happened in Tamar’s relationship with her estranged husband and that they needed to split before things worsened.

Evelyn isn’t fond of Vince, whom he blames for Tamar’s insecurities — the supposed fact that she’s refusing to call the father of her child about the domestic abuse reportedly shows how damaged she is.

Tamar Braxton continues to tell fans that she will continue to co-parent with Vince, but anything further from that won’t be happening.

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