‘Dragon Ball Super’ Preview Teases A Possible Alliance Between Universe 7 And Someone Powerful

Dragon Ball Super has finally reached the pinnacle of its Tournament of Power, which is now pitting only two teams agist each other: Universes 7 and 11. Team Universe 3 recently bid goodbye despite their massive powerful fusion fighter, Anizara. U7 has the most number of fighters remaining, but that doesn’t mean U11 is no pushover. Fans are well-informed that although team U11 only has three surviving warriors left, one of them is Jiren The Grey. Now, it seems that there is a new possible alliance happening soon.

On Twitter, the official account of Dragon Ball Super shared a few cuts of Episode 122. The preview images show Goku facing Jiren The Grey, Gohan with Android 17, as well as Vegeta. The prince of all Saiyans can be seen in his Super Saiyan Blue form while fighting the strongest Pride Trooper of Universe 11. What keeps fans buzzing is that one of the stills show some of the eliminated fighters of U7 in their shock reaction to the events happening in front of them.

The image for Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 shows Tien, Krillin, and the Supreme Kai Shin being stunned by what they see. However, there is one new person sitting behind them at the spectators stand, which confuses some fans as to why he was there with team Universe 7. Arack, the fish-like God of Destruction of Universe 5 can be seen only in his body’s bottom half.

His face wasn’t shown, but it’s enough for fans to speculate that he might be Universe 7’s new ally. The Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power has four strongest universes that did not join the battle royal as they have the highest mortal rank. The Gods of Destruction of these universes (U1, U5, U8, and U12), such as Arack, Gene, Liquir, and Iwen, have not taken sides, but fans expect the U5 leader is already supporting Lord Beerus’ team.

Others suggest that these Gods of Destruction are free to sit in with whatever team they like while the Tournament of Power is rolling. Some fans are certain that the upcoming episode will bring a lot of explosive action, especially now that there are only two universes left vying for survival.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, titled “Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!” is slated to air on January 7.

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