Fans Of Logan Paul Attack A Japanese Vlogger Who Shared Her Thoughts On His ‘Dead Body’ Video

Since Logan Paul posted a video featuring the body of a man who had apparently committed suicide in Japan’s famous “Suicide Forest,” there has been a lot of backlash against the YouTuber. While there was plenty of criticism against Paul, his fans have been coming to his defense across social media, even going so far as to attack people who voice their opinion against him. In fact, a Japanese vlogger named Reina Scully posted her own YouTube video in which she shared her thoughts about what Logan Paul did, which led to his fans attacking and insulting her.

As the Huffington Post reported, in the video posted by Scully, she explains exactly why Paul’s video was so offensive, not only to herself, but also to the people of Japan. However, while Reina Scully attempted to be very civil in her explanation of what was wrong with what Logan Paul did, his fans were not nearly as gracious. Scully found herself the target of an attack by many of his fans, some of whom were quick to use obscenities and racial slurs against the Japanese vlogger.

Whether it was in the comments section of the YouTube video that Reina Scully posted, or on Twitter, Logan Paul’s fans were quick to not only defend the YouTuber, but also bash Scully for any number of reasons. Some of his fans claimed that the reason that she had chosen to respond to Paul’s video was simply to gain more clicks and views. They accused her of using his name as a form of clickbait, much like he was accused of doing.

On Twitter, fans of Logan Paul said that his video had nothing to do with her and therefore she should not have posted anything about his video. One Twitter user even told Scully that they should “let the japs kill themselves.” Others commented saying that the “Suicide Forest” is a tourist attraction, and if the people of Japan did not want people visiting then they would not have so many videos and other things that lead to it being exploited.

In response to some of the social media posts, Reina Scully pointed out that the forest is not actually a tourist attraction and just because some people see it that way, does not make it true. She also posted some of the derogatory tweets she received for her followers to see.

While Logan Paul’s fans might have been quick to attack Reina Scully, there were also plenty of people who agreed with her and supported what she had to say. Some of the people who came to her defense even pointed out that Paul has a history of being disrespectful to the people of Japan, and that what she said was not only thoughtful, but also quite true.

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