Melania Trump’s ‘Strange’ Demeanor Questioned On Social Media As She Watched Trump Talk With Reporters

It seems that Melania Trump was seen as acting a bit different than her usual self at one point over the holidays and social media has picked up on what they perceive as a deviation from Melania’s normal demeanor. There was one point on New Year’s Eve when Melania stopped and waited as her husband talked with reporters and this is when some social media users believed they saw something different in Melania’s behavior.

From what some folks are reporting on social media, Melania was acting a bit different during those few minutes, according to a report from Opposing Views. Along with Melania’s behavior, social media also had a lot to say about Trump’s appearance as well.

So what did these folks on social media see Melania do that the mainstream media didn’t see or at best, did see but failed to mention? According to Opposing Views, social media “users couldn’t help but notice something strange about Melania Trump while her husband spoke with a reporter.”

One social media user said that Melania looked as if she were in “distress: as her husband chatted up the reporters. Another social media user said that without hearing any sounds it looked as if the First Lady might be “hyperventilating.”

As Opposing Views reported, social media user wrote: “Watch Melania’s chest movements… [Looks] like she’s having heart palpitations and difficulty breathing… She’s in distress. 911.”

Another user wrote: “Without sounds, it looks as if Melania [was] hyperventilating,” wrote another. “Funny and sad at the same time.”

And still, another social media user made an attempt at a diagnosis: “Melania looking medicated and robotic again. She seems like a lovely person, stuck in a situation she hates.”

The same article from Opposing Views described how the social media was ripping Donald Trump apart about his weight after seeing him and Melania together on New Year’s Eve. People thought he had put some pounds on and the comments weren’t all cordial, as described by an earlier Inquisitr article.

Melania Trump is analyzed in the media on what seems like a constant basis. During the holidays alone she was criticized on several occasions starting with the Christmas decor she chose for the inside rooms of the White House. While a good majority of the folks commenting on how much her decorations celebrated the spirit of Christmas, there were those who found the decor rather “stark” and “gloomy.”

According to the Washington Post, satirical headlines were plentiful like the one from, which dubbed the theme of the White House decorations one of “fear.” That was just the start of the critical and sometimes rather mean comments to come Melania’s way during the holidays.

Then came that selfie that Melania posted right before Christmas. Posting a selfie is not something Melania Trump is known for doing and while it was seen as “sweet” by many across the social media sites, there were still some who found fault in the selfie saying it was “tacky,” as described by AOL News.

Then came New Year’s Eve when Melania Trump donned a beautiful Erdem dress, with people offering critiques about how she “sparkled”, “dazzled,” in this “stunning” dress, which is seen in the list of headlines when you Google “Melania Trump’s New Year’s dress.”

Still, There were a few who started a ruckus by comparing Melania Trump’s dress to a shower curtain. Someone somewhere posted a picture of a shower curtain that appeared to be made of the same fabric and decorated with the exact print of Melania’s dress. This turned out to be fake, but the story had already saturated the online world.

Melania’s shower curtain fake news was reported as debunked, as discussed in an article from Business 2 Community. Now social media is describing Melania Trump’s behavior on New Year’s Eve as different than her normal self.

Melania Trump is a very reserved and quiet woman, which is the polar opposite of her husband, suggests a social media expert. According to Jennifer Goldbeck who is an associate professor at the University of Maryland at College Park and an expert in social media, Melania often keeps things to herself. “The relatively quiet first lady is very different from her husband when it comes to their public communication styles.” Goldbeck sums it up in one sentence: “If he is the Twitter president, she is the Instagram first lady.”

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