Eric Trump Thinks Ellen DeGeneres Is Part Of The ‘Deep State’ And Twitter Quickly Snaps Back

President Donald Trump’s second oldest son, Eric Trump, is currently being roasted on Twitter after making an assertion about the so-called “Deep State.”

On Tuesday night, the 33-year-old presidential son took to Twitter and shared a controversial post about the infamous conspiracy theory against his father’s administration.

In the said tweet, the younger Trump seemed disappointed with Twitter’s recommendations of who he “should” follow. Trump, who took a screenshot of the site’s suggestions, claimed to be shocked with the options.

Apparently, Twitter recommended he follow the accounts of 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, former president Barack Obama, and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Trump quickly made the assumption that all three names, including the famous talk show host, are part of the “Deep State.”

“Shocking. Once again, here are the @Twitter ‘suggestions’ of who I should follow. #DeepState.”

Many were quick to point out that Trump’s assertion doesn’t make any sense, especially with Ellen. Although the famous tv personality has been known to be a big supporter of Obama, she actually isn’t very outspoken when it comes to politics.

According to the Newsweek, the “Deep State” conspiracy theory was made popular by former White House strategist Steve Bannon during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Apparently, the term refers to an alleged shadow network of civil servants that aims to delegitimize the Trump administration. The said conspiracy theory is popular among some conservatives who support the president.

The outlet also noted that previously, Obama was falsely accused of operating a secondary government from his Washington, D.C. home, while Hillary Clinton has been accused of being the “shadow president.”

However, this marks the first time that DeGeneres has been dragged in the controversial conspiracy.

Eric Trump’s latest tweet about the #DeepState is making headlines.

Shortly after his post, Trump was quickly roasted by Twitter users who find his claims “ridiculous.”

One user wrote, “Not proud to admit this, but I would pay $20 to sit with Eric Trump for ten minutes and have him explain Ellen DeGeneres’ shadowy role in the Deep State.”

Another one pointed out, “Hi Eric, I know you’re not the smart one, but Twitter’s algorithm looks at who you searched for most recently when making suggestions. It looks like you might have recently searched for a Democrat, buddy.”

Interestingly, Andy Lassner, executive producer of The Ellen Show, also chimed in and quipped, “We’ve been found out.”

Meanwhile, Ellen has this to say about Trump’s tweet:

It remains unclear why DeGeneres, Obama, and Clinton’s name were specifically recommended to Trump. However, according to the website, suggestions on who to follow are based on a diverse range of criteria, including the users address book contacts and following or search history.

So far, Eric Trump has yet to comment on Twitter’s reaction to his #DeepState post.

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