Carrie Underwood Fans Focus On New Music After She Reveals Injury To Her Face

Carrie Underwood may have recently confirmed that she could be looking a little different after receiving 40 to 50 stitches in her face following a nasty fall in November, but fans are now firmly focused on her return to the spotlight and new music. In addition to sending sweet message of support to the star, fans have been expressing their excitement over new music ever since she revealed late last week that she was about to head back into the studio to work on a new album.

In addition to revealing her facial injury in a very personal message on her official Fan Club site, Underwood also confirmed that she’ll be in the studio this week – and fans are definitely focusing on the positive in the wake of her sad news.

A slew of tweets flooded social media in support of a brand new album from the star in the coming months, as fans of the Season 4 American Idol winner showed their excitement for seeing her return to the stage and drop a collection of new songs rather than dwelling on the revelation that her face could look a different when she steps back into the spotlight.

“New Carrie Underwood music in 2018. This will be a good year,” tweeted one excited fan this week of the follow up to Underwood’s 2015 album Storyteller, while another wrote on the social media site this week, “New Carrie Underwood music this year. I’m ready.”

“@carrieunderwood We are looking forward to new music in 2018!” another wrote after hearing that the mom of one is returning to the studio for her impending sixth studio album. “So miss your beautiful voice and talent! #Godspentmoretimeonyou.”

“[Carrie] is working on new music. 2018 is going to be a great year!” another excited fan said on January 1.

As reported by Variety, Carrie called the new music she’s been working on her “best yet” in her blog post on New Year’s Eve.

“I’m determined to make the new year incredible and I especially can’t wait for you to hear the new music I’ve been working on,” she told her fans. “I truly believe it’ll be my best work yet!”

Carrie first confirmed that she’ll have new music out in 2018 in an interview with Entertainment Tonight back in April.

She told the site that she was in the writing process of album making, four months after it was confirmed that she’d left Sony Music – which she joined after she won American Idol back in 2005 – and had signed a brand new recording contract with Universal Music Group.

“The creative process is an interesting thing,” Carrie said last year of getting back to work, revealing for the first time that she had new music in the works. “I’m kind of at the beginning stages of that, which is really fun.”

Underwood also opened up about some of the things that have been inspiring her writing, telling the outlet at the time that she tends to get a lot of her inspiration from the people around her – even including her fans.

“I think the people in my life are what really inspires me. Family, friends, people that I get to meet and I get to hear their stories,” Carrie said last year when asked about the arrival of new music. “I’ll probably hear some fan stories and [get inspired].”

“It’s just always cool to be able to incorporate incredible stories about people that you know or people that you meet into your music,” Underwood then added.

Carrie Underwood’s as-yet-untitled sixth studio album is expected in 2018.

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