‘Roseanne’ Revival: Sneak Preview On What’s To Come From Roseanne Barr And John Goodman At Golden Globes

The Roseanne revival is one of the most-awaited reboots in the history of television after ABC announced last year that a reboot of the show was in the works. While it might take a while before fans can see whether the reboot will live up to their expectations, Roseanne Barr and John Goodman gave fans a taste of what’s to come through a short stint at the Golden Globes.

John Goodman and Roseanne Barr recently took part at the Golden Globes and performed a short stint of their infamous onscreen banter. Per Entertainment Weekly, Barr started the stint by saying that her title character has been known for “creating some great drama,” to which her onscreen drama partner, Dan (Goodman) responded by telling her that the type of drama she plays is not the one she gets an award for.

It was quite a short stint at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards from the two lead stars of the upcoming Roseanne revival, but it was still enough to keep the fire burning for many fans who have been waiting for the reboot since ABC confirmed the revival. It has been almost 21 years since the original series closed its curtains and revealed a shocking twist, but it looks like the show will benefit from producers and networks’ decision to revive certain dramas on TV.

As most fans can recall, the Roseanne finale in 1997 featured a twist, which revealed that the show was a fictional adaptation of the title character’s life. It turns out that Roseanne was simply trying to get over the death of her husband, Dan, after suffering from a heart attack.

ABC’s announcement on the Roseanne revival sparked quite a bit of controversy among viewers, as many felt it would be best to leave the show alone, especially with that kind of ending. However, Goodman recently said in an earlier interview that he is excited to see the return of Dan despite the revelation of the character’s fate during the finale of the show, reports Good Housekeeping.

Goodman said that he had no hesitations about returning as Dan for the Roseanne revival. Instead, Goodman shared that all of the cells of his body lit up when he was told that ABC was doing a reboot of the show. In order to reassure viewers’ concerns over the revival, it has been previously explained that the tricky part in creating the reboot was trying to fit in and keep track of all the changes in the characters in a span of 21 years, and not trying to find out how they are going to bring Dan back to life.

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