Who Went Home On ‘The Challenge: Vendettas’ Premiere? [Spoilers]

The new players arrived on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight, as a new season kicked off on MTV. They all had grudges with each other, so the drama was flowing heavily, but who went home on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight? Find out the premiere results in our The Challenge: Vendettas spoilers.

For The Challenge Season 31, there will be 28 players heading out to Spain to compete for a “final prize that has the potential to exceed $500,000.” That final prize will go to only one player, so no male and female winner this season. Each of the players has some kind of “personal vendetta” to pursue against one another, which also includes some new faces in the cast. Those new faces include Natalie Negrotti and Victor Arroyo from Big Brother 18.

The Arrivals

The players all arrived in front of TJ Lavin, as he said each player has at least one vendetta/grudge against one other player. The first vendetta highlighted is Kailah and Cara Maria.

The Challenge

The challenge started right away and it was called “Get Off The Rock.” This challenge took place at the Rock of Gibraltar, as the players had to climb 1,400 feet to the top of the rock. This first challenge would take place over two days, as they would camp overnight. The winner of this challenge would get $25,000. The last place male and last place female would be eliminated immediately.

A Twist

We met more and more of the players, as they arrived in a tunnel. In this tunnel, the players had to grab a box, stand in a rope circle, and hold that box for six hours. If they stepped out of the circle or dropped the box, then they would get a time penalty added on.

Lots Of Flirting

While standing around and holding their boxes, the players had some major flirting going on. Johnny Bananas broke up with his girlfriend of five years, so he is on The Challenge: Vendettas as a single man and he was ready to mingle with Natalie. Cara Maria seemed to be all about Kyle, as Britni was digging on Brad, who was standing next to her.

The Next Stage

All of the players survived holding the box, so the next stage started on The Challenge: Vendettas. The players all took off at the same time intervals they arrived at the tunnel. It was now time to run up to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar and these players were definitely struggling.


Joss was the first guy up to the top, so he won $25,000. Nicole Z. came in fourth place overall, but she was the first female to the top. Rogan passed out during the trek up the rock, and medics were needed. They helped him get across the finish line, but he came in last place and he was eliminated. Nicole R. was last place for the females, so she was eliminated also.

Hooking Up Already

The challengers moved into their villa and the drinks were flowing. It seemed like Britni and Brad hit it off instantly, as they had major flirting and kissing going on, including a possible hookup on night one.

Mean Girls

Cara Maria was playing nice with the new girls. However, Maria saw this and was not having it. She took some of the new girls aside and told them that Cara Maria was a mean girl and to watch out for her. Marie was quite tipsy, as she then set her sights on Kyle. It worked, as she ended up making out with him in front of everyone, which Cara Maria was not happy to see.

The night ended with a toast from Johnny Bananas, as this night was all about partying and having fun. However, the preview showed that lots of drama is coming on The Challenge: Vendettas.

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