Melania Trump’s Favorite Show, ‘How To Get Away With Murder,’ By Anti-Trump Shonda Rhimes

Earlier this month, the NY Times reported that Donald Trump watches between 4-8 hours of TV a day, (though he swiftly denied the report via Twitter); now the publication is giving the public insight into Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump’s alleged TV viewing habits, which seem to include indulging in popular dramas. According to NY Times reporter, Katie Rogers, Melania Trump spends some of her downtime watching How To Get Away With Murder, which she described as her favorite show.

“Melania Trump recently told me her favorite show is How To Get Away With Murder,” reported Rogers on Dec.26. How To Get Away With Murder is a crime-drama which centers on a rogue law professor whose students’ lives get turned upside down once they get involved doing her bidding. It premiered in the fall of 2014 to impressive ratings and continues to be a huge draw for ABC to this day.

Rogers added that the subject of “reality TV” did not come up at all during her conversation with Melania, most likely a nod to Donald Trump’s history with The Apprentice, the NBC show which he hosted for years, as well as his informal title, in some circles, as a reality-tv president.

Rogers also noted that she “loved” that the first lady is a Shondaland fan, which is a bit ironic considering that Shondaland is a production company owned by Shonda Rhimes. Rhimes, who rose to fame as the writer and producer of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and a long list of other shows, has been and continues to be an extremely vocal critic of Donald Trump and his policies.

In October 2017, Shonda Rhimes called Donald Trump a hypocrite after he allegedly disrespected the family of a fallen soldier, according to The Hill, yet had previously deemed NFL players who kneeled during the National Anthem as unpatriotic.

“He insults patriotism of take a knee NFL?Disrespecting a Special Forces widow is unAmerican.Take a SEAT, hypocrite.”

Rhimes followed up her criticism with a second tweet where she tore into Donald Trump for lying.

And he does realize everyone can tell when he’s lying, right? I mean, EVERYONE? My 4 yr old points at the TV and says “ooh, he’s lying again.” Forcing me to once again explain why he never gets in trouble for it like she does.

It’s unclear whether Melania Trump is aware of how Shonda Rhimes feels about her husband or if that would influence her decision to name HTGAWM as her favorite show.

The article also mentioned that Melania Trump also watches Empire, a drama about an affluent African American family who fights to stay together as they navigate through various aspects of the music industry.

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