‘Little People, Big World’ Fan Shares Old Photo Of Roloff Farms, Matt Roloff Says ‘Might Have Started It All’

One Little People, Big World fan shared an old photo on Monday of Roloff Farms that Matt Roloff said “might have started it all.” Matt Roloff was referring to the Roloff family’s long-running TLC reality TV series that’s become a worldwide phenomenon over the last 11 years. The next new season of Little People, Big World is supposed to air in the spring of 2018. Rumors suggest that Season 13 will premiere in March, which will also mark the 12th year that the Roloff family has been on the small screen.

The Roloff family was first introduced to viewers in March of 2005 with the pilot episode of Little People, Big World, called Little People, Big Dreams. IMDb describes the one-hour TV special featuring the six members of the Roloff family and Roloff Farms in Oregon as “little people” Matt and Amy Roloff raising four children under the strain of “emotional and financial” stress.

Spirits Wander, the Little People, Big World commentary blog, shared in 2008 that the Discovery Channel “original documentary” of the Roloff family living on Roloff Farms had “started it all,” resulting in the weekly TLC show. However, a photo that one fan of the Roloff family shared on New Year’s Day shows Roloff Farms from over 25 years ago. The vintage photo, which might have actually been what “started it all,” also shows Roloff family patriarch Matt Roloff driving an old Ford tractor around Roloff Farms.


Matt Roloff didn’t say why the photo was taken but did jokingly say that “this photo might have started it all.”

The fan who owns the photo shared that Roloff Farms “was only 21 acres” when the photo was taken back in 1992 — “before the fame and fortune” of Little People, Big World. After Matt Roloff posted on Facebook that the Roloff family had an “amazing year” in 2017, one of Matt’s 600,000 Facebook followers uploaded the photo of Roloff farms in the comments section. Of course, Matt immediately chimed in to fill in some more details about the photo that’s developed a somewhat worn look throughout the years.

According to Matt Roloff, he was driving his “NAA Golden Jubilee” tractor from 1952 in the photo and shared that he still drives the old Ford around Roloff Farms “from time to time.” Matt also shared the name of the photographer and that the photo was taken for the Oregonian, a daily newspaper that’s based out of Portland, Oregon. The photo is dated January 4, 1992, although, the photo’s owner, Josb Cheito Demio, on Facebook dated the photo with January 19, 1992.

The photo’s owner replied back to Matt Roloff that he’s “very proud and happy” that he acquired the old photo of Roloff Farms, adding that the photo is now Roloff Farms memorabilia. The Roloff family has certainly become memorable people over more than the last decade and has also grown considerably, with the four Roloff children turning into two grandchildren for Matt, 56, and Amy Roloff, 53, this past year.


Although a rumor has surfaced recently that Little People, Big World has been canceled by TLC, avid fans of the Roloff family note that the show has not been canceled. A comment on Matt Roloff’s New Year’s Day post asked when the new season “is going to be televised,” and fans commented back that Little People, Big World returns in March.

Matt Roloff did a TV interview back in October for the 2017 pumpkin season on Roloff Farms and shared that the Roloff family’s sprawling farm, located in a suburb of Portland called Helvetia, has been open to the public for nearly the last 20 years, as previously noted by the Inquisitr. Matt and Amy Roloff purchased Roloff Farms a couple of years before the old photo was taken.

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