Melissa McCarthy Turns Heads Shopping In Ripped Jeans With Daughters After 75-Pound Weight Loss

Melissa McCarthy finished up 2017 by showing her pride in being a stylish mom. McCarthy was seen shopping with her daughters, turning heads in her combination of ripped jeans and a vibrantly bright blazer after her 75-pound weight loss. The Daily Mail called attention to Melissa’s “eccentric” personality as seen in her striking style combination.

When fans praise McCarthy, the focus usually is on her comedy sketches such as on Saturday Night Live as well as her movie and television roles. But when Melissa stepped out with her daughters in Los Angeles, McCarthy’s motherly ways and fondness for striking styles took center stage.

“The 47-year-old channeled her energetic charisma through her striking ensemble, as she wore a vibrant grey blazer jacket, embellished with bright yellow floral printing,…with swanky light wash jeans, featuring ripped material throughout.”

Melissa is the proud mom of two daughters. Vivian is 10-years-old, while Georgette is 7-years-old. The sisters joined their mother during what appeared to be a relaxed expedition shopping in southern California. McCarthy’s youngsters were casually dressed.

Melissa McCarthy Takes Pride In Fashion Line For Women Of All Sizes And Shapes

In addition to her ripped jeans, Melissa wore green boots. The comedic actress skipped the makeup and wore her hair in a stylish bun. McCarthy apparently found what she wanted on the shopping expedition with her daughters, as she was holding onto an Urban Outfitters shopping bag.

Melissa has succeeded in combining her acting career with her fashion line. She starred in a documentary, Le Mans: Racing Is Everything, and comedy series Nobodies, as well as performing famously on Saturday Night Live in 2017 and touting her fashion line.

Known for Gilmore Girls, McCarthy explained that she chose to create fashions for all sizes and shapes. Her line, Seven7, was inspired by the lack of fashionable attire for curvy women, she explained.

Ripped Jeans Spark Debate Over Style And Weight

“I could not find, with consistency, something that felt young and modern and easy to wear,” explained Melissa.

“Women do not stop at a magical size 10 or 12, and I thought, ‘Why would clothes?’ I have been every size under the rainbow, but my style never changed.”

The candid actress crafted her fashions for women in sizes through size 28. Retailers ranging from Nordstrom to Lane Bryant and Macy’s now carry her styles. Although McCarthy is proud of her style choices, some readers disagreed with the Daily Mail’s description of Melissa being “fashion forward” in those ripped jeans.

“Would not describe her jeans as ‘swanky’ and her attire as ‘fashion forward’…too funny,” responded one critic.

Melissa McCarthy lost 75 pounds with a ketogenic diet, and she’s proud to flaunt her slimmer figure in striking styles.

Others questioned McCarthy’s weight, asking if she had gained back some of the 75 pounds that she famously lost. One managed to criticize her weight and style simultaneously.

“She’s a sight and not because she’s fat,” slammed the commentator.

Melissa’s ripped jeans drew specific criticism.

“She sells those pants on the Home Shopping Network. Yuk.”

But Melissa isn’t going to let critics detract from how she feels about her body or style. McCarthy has been called names such as “obese hippo,” as the Inquisitr reported, but she has shared that she takes pride in looking and feeling stylish.

Melissa McCarthy Boosts Healthy Body Image With 75-Pound Weight Loss From Ketogenic Diet

Now to Love reported that Melissa has spoken out about her positive body image, both before and after her 75-pound weight loss. McCarthy followed a sensible diet and exercise plan rather than opting for a fad diet.

“She streamlined her portions, stuck with a high-protein, low-carb diet plan, and maintained a consistent exercise regime.”

Talking about her body image, Melissa revealed that she feels the “sexiest” when she is comfortable and isn’t attempting to act like “anything other than who I am.” And to those who criticize her and think she could look better, McCarthy declared that she accepts her body as she is.

As the Inquisitr pointed out, Melissa has done better than most contestants on The Biggest Loser by maintaining her weight loss. She used a high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet to shed those 75 pounds, eating foods high in fats such as avocado as well as moderate amounts of protein such as chicken and non-starchy vegetables. Sugar and starchy foods, such as pastries and bread, are off her menus.

In addition, McCarthy has earned praise from fitness and diet experts for sticking to her low-carb diet and fitness plan. For those seeking inspiration from Melissa for New Year’s resolutions, celebrity trainer Joselynne Boschen revealed that the first two weeks are the most challenging. Following that period, the cravings vanish and “you’re in the clear.”

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