Twitter and LinkedIn get all warm and cozy … and the point is?

My first thought when I read Marshall Kirkpatrick’s post at ReadWriteWeb about Twitter and LinkedIn forming a partnership was – huh?

The purveyor of 140 character dribble is partnering up with a social network meant to let the whole world know how important you are and if you are up for a new job.

For what reason?

After all it’s not like prospective headhunters and human resources people who are trolling for new employees are really gonna give a shit about some retweet of a retweet of a message that is more hashtags than content. Not to mention the fact are you really gonna care if your blathering on about how drunk you got at some cool social media conference ends up in your LinkedIn profile – in fact you might want to really rethink that idea.

This is a deal in my opinion that only serves the purpose of keeping both company names in the news starved tech blogosphere; and really in this case it only reminds people that LinkedIn still exists. It’s not like Twitter needs to remind anyone since it is already the most popular non-business business on the web right now.

There is no real advantage to any kind of partnership between the two companies mainly because they have totally different synergies. LinkedIn serves as a great place to have yourself up for sale to the highest bidder and Twitter is the best place for expounding non-sequiturs and other pointless messages to show that your live really isn’t as boring as it seems.

In the case of either company there is nothing that is of benefit to the other by forming some sort of so-called partnership. Well other than giving us all another non-story to talk about for the next few hours.

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