Tamar Braxton Accused Of Faking Vince Herbert Divorce As They Spend New Year’s Eve Together

Tamar Braxton is being accused of “faking” her divorce drama with husband Vince Herbert after the estranged couple was spotted spending New Year’s Eve together just days after Braxton claimed Herbert had gotten another woman pregnant. Shortly afterward, the singer officially filed for divorce after nine years of marriage and amid allegations of domestic abuse.

Fans lashed out at the singer on social media this week, even claiming that the couple’s divorce was all to drum up ratings for their We TV reality show Tamar & Vince after the two were spotted partying together mere days after Braxton claimed she was leaving her former husband in 2017.

In a video uploaded to Snapchat by Rob Hatcher and then re-uploaded to Instagram by the Shade Room, Tamar and Vince could allegedly be seen ringing in 2018 with her estranged husband by her side despite filing for divorce in October. Her mom, Evelyn Braxton, claimed Herbert was abusive to her daughter multiple times over the course of their marriage.

Social media users were quick to accuse the couple of faking their recent drama for ratings in the comments section, claiming that the video may have been proof that the couple has no plans to divorce and have been handling their split so publicly for publicity purposes.

“That’s what y’all get for believing the hype. It was all for ratings DUHH,” commented Instagram user @just_shaquana after seeing what appeared to be Braxton and Herbert together in the video taken on New Year’s Eve.

Another added, “Oh yeah btw Tamar and [Vince’s] show just got renewed for another season!”

The criticism also spread to Twitter, where fans have also been accusing the two of faking their drama over the past few weeks, alleging their divorce could be all an act.

“When [are] #TamarAndVince going to stop faking this divorce?” one fan claimed.

While some slammed the couple, others defended Tamar and Vince against the haters, noting that they have a very complicated relationship and may be trying to stay on good terms, likely for the sake of their 4-year-old son, Logan.

“When [you’re] married it’s complicated,” @first_lady_swag commented on the Shade Room’s video alleged to show the two ringing in the New Year together. “I never took the divorce to be final… so I’m happy for them if they can work it out.”

Notably, Braxton and Herbert seemingly spending New Year’s Eve together came shortly after Tamar claimed in a lengthy post on Instagram on December 26 that Vince was arrested on Christmas Day for attempting to contact her. She then dropped the bombshell that he’d supposedly got another woman pregnant.

As reported by People, Tamar posted a serious rant on the social media site last week, though the message has since been deleted. She claimed Vince’s “w***e” had told her she was pregnant with his child, though Vince denied those claims.

Braxton then appeared to make it very clear that she was ready to move on from her marriage for good, signing off her post, “[Shaking my head] Happy New Year folks!! Ladies and gentlemen know that 2018 is a FRESH start and if I can leave this liar [you] can leave yours too.”

Tamar also alluded to a “protection order” against her husband of almost a decade, claiming that he’d been arrested on Christmas Day because he broke that order. TMZ then confirmed that claim, noting that the music manager had been booked on suspicion of spousal assault.

As for the video alleged to show Tamar and Vince together on New Year’s Eve, neither has yet publicly addressed the footage.

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