‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood’s Ex Matt Baier Tells Her He Will Kill Himself In Last Effort To Get Her Back

Matt Baier didn’t take his breakup with Amber Portwood lightly. Shortly after Portwood dumped him for good, Baier plunged into a severe depression and went to extreme lengths to try and win back the Teen Mom OG star. At one point, he threatened Portwood with suicide if she didn’t take him back. And, sadly, his troubles didn’t stop there.

Baier Threatens To Kill Himself

According to Hollywood Life, Portwood opened up about Baier’s extreme reaction on the latest episode of Teen Mom OG. Portwood revealed that Baier texted her every single day after the split and begged her to give him a second chance. When she refused, he snapped a photo of a bunch of pills and told her he would end his life if she didn’t change her mind.

Given Portwood’s past struggles with pill, Baier’s actions were wrong on several different levels. Luckily, it looks like Portwood’s romance with Andrew was blossoming at the time, so at least she had somebody to help her get through the breakup.

Portwood Cuts Off Baier’s Cash Flow

Baier’s failed attempts to win back Portwood were only the start of his downhill slide. According to Cafe Mom, the breakup hurt Baier’s wallet and he is now struggling to make ends meet. Things have gotten so bad that Baier was allegedly kicked out of his apartment in Las Vegas because he couldn’t pay rent.

Court records show that Baier was paying over $1,000 a month for an apartment in Vegas and he stopped paying two months into his contract. The apartment owners took Baier to court and eventually evicted him when he failed to pay his delinquent dues.

What About That Money Baier Stole?

Portwood was apparently paying just about all of Baier’s bills. In fact, in a recent Teen Mom OG installment, Portwood revealed that Baier stole a bunch of money from her when they were dating and still hasn’t paid her back. Baier also received some freebies from MTV for starring alongside Portwood last season, including paid vacations and free housing. It isn’t clear where all that money went, but Baier clearly burned through it all in the wake of his nasty split with the Teen Mom star.

“Within the last three years we’ve been together, tallying everything up, it’s been $120,000 that I have no clue where it went,” Portwood revealed on Teen Mom OG. “I just realized he’s sending his daughter money that’s not even his money!”

Baier’s New Wife Gets Arrested

Baier’s drama with Portwood may be over, but he’s hardly out of the woods yet. A few months after Portwood finally ended things for good, Baier found himself a new girlfriend in Jennifer Conlon.

Baier and Conlon tied the knot in late November, yet In Touch Weekly reports that she was arrested a few weeks before the wedding for driving without a license while under the influence of drugs. Conlon is due back in court in early April, and Baier can be sure that Portwood will not be around to bail him out this time around.

Catch all Amber Portwood’s relationship drama on new episodes of Teen Mom OG Monday nights on MTV.

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