‘Vanderpump Rules’ News: Tom Schwartz Says He Doesn’t Remember Cheating On Katie

Tonight on a new episode of Vanderpump Rules it was revealed that Tom Schwartz allegedly made out with another girl since he got married to Katie Maloney. Lala Kent actually shared that Tom allegedly kissed another girl that she is friends with and was even calling her “Bubba,” which is what he calls Katie. People shared the details about how Tom says if he did anything then he doesn’t remember it.

It was already revealed this season that Jax Taylor cheated on Brittany Cartwright. Now, the talk is all about Tom cheating on Katie and that may take some of the heat off of Jax. All of the drama tonight started when Lala Kent found out that Katie had been talking about her boyfriend and she decided to reveal the fact that her friend said she kissed Tom when he was drunk one night.

Ariana went to Tom Schwartz telling him about the rumors and he said that if it happened he didn’t remember it. Instead of pulling Katie to the side and having a big talk with her he mentioned something right in front of other people and she was really upset. Tom kept saying that if he did it then he doesn’t remember it at all. Ariana gave him the advice to talk to her about it at home, but he didn’t listen and do that at all.

For now, it sounds like Tom Schwartz is going to continue to deny that he cheated on Katie since they got married. The fans want to know the details, but if Tom can’t remember them it may be the end of the story. Katie started talking to Lisa Vanderpump and explaining how she loves Tom so much, but that he can’t keep doing things like this. It is obvious that next week there is going to be a big fight when she tells him that he can’t be going out and drinking all the time. It seems like Tom never cheats on her if he is sober and Katie realizes that the alcohol is part of the issue.


You won’t want to miss Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz talking about how it all goes down next week. Don’t miss the new episodes of Vanderpump Rules when it airs on Monday nights on Bravo.

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