‘Street Fighter X Mega Man’ Is Getting An Update From Capcom

Although it’s only been available for a short period of time, it would seem that another version of Street Fighter X Megan Man is currently in the works.

The latest edition of the fan made game will address a number of issues players had with the original release. According to Computer and Video Games, the company intends to unveil an updated version of the title next year.

During a recent interview, Capcom senior community manager Brett Elston said version two of Street Fighter X Mega Man will “tighten” a few gameplay issues that were addressed by the community. However, the update will not include additional content.

Elston explained to The Mega Man Network:

“Given the tight dev window, we know there are a few rough edges left, even with a dozen people looking at this. To that end, we can say we’re working on a V2 that will release soon and hopefully address some of those known issues. It’s not adding content, but we’ve been reading responses and can ‘tighten up’ a few things before the end of the year.”

Street Fighter X Mega Man started out as a fan made project. Capcom picked up the game and released it through Capcom Unity for free. Elston said the company “provided financial assistance, as well as ongoing feedback regarding bosses, gameplay and other issues.”

Elston also explained why the game was released as a PC-only title:

“Open platforms are made for this. Bringing it elsewhere requires all sorts of approvals, submissions and so on, which affect price and timing. Furthermore, once it’s out for free, how many would buy the same game on a console when it’s identical? Could we add more stuff and charge for a different take on SFxMM? Possibly, but there are no plans at this time.”

It’s currently unknown when the new version of Street Fighter X Mega Man will be available for download.

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