MMA Rumors: Cris Cyborg Wants To Fight Megan Anderson Next, But She May Not Get Her Wish

After defeating a game Holly Holm, UFC women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg wants to face Megan Anderson in her next title defense. However, Cris Cyborg may not get her wish to try and defeat Megan Anderson just yet. There could be another challenger or two looking to test Cyborg first.

Cris Cyborg has done everything that she can to prove that she is the best mixed-martial artist currently fighting. There has been constant questions regarding Cris Cyborg and her perceived dominance inside the cage.

Many of the whom have followed Cris Cyborg’s MMA career believes that she had gone untested before facing Holly Holm at UFC 219. While Cris Cyborg did win in the card’s main event (courtesy of ESPN), Holly Holm challenged her the way no opposition had done before.

Holm, a former boxing champion, was able to hit Cyborg cleanly on several of her strikes. Whenever Cris Cyborg were to counter, or unleash some offense Holly Holm would clinch in an effort to negate the potential damage. By doing so, Holly Holm became the first ever opponent of Cris Cyborg to last five rounds.

It is safe to say that Cris Cyborg won her UFC 219 battle with Holly Holm, but two of the judges sided with the challenger for two rounds.

Cris Cyborg has done everything to become a featured member of the UFC roster. Dominating the roster will help her cause.

Moments after her title defense Cris Cyborg mentioned who she would like as her next opponent. Invicta FC featherweight champion Megan Anderson was the name Cris Cyborg spoke of. Cris Cyborg let everyone know that fighting Megan Anderson was on her mind.

“I want to fight somebody at 145, maybe Megan Anderson. Maybe we can fight in Australia. I have a lot of fans there.”

Cris Cyborg wants Megan Anderson, however, the UFC may have other plans.

According to MMA Mania, UFC women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes wants to move up in weight to face Cris Cyborg. An Amanda Nunes vs. Cris Cyborg fight would pit champion against champion, as well as two of Brazil’s best UFC competitors.

Cris Cyborg fighting Amanda Nunes would be an easier pay-per-view option to sell versus Cyborg and Megan Anderson. Cyborg versus Nunes would likely be a better matchup as well.

Megan Anderson has never fought in the UFC. While she is not an unknown, and she is a big featherweight, her competition in Invicta FC has not been plentiful. The UFC could find themselves better served to put Megan Anderson on a pay-per-view card prior to having her face Cris Cyborg. If that happens, expect Cyborg to remain busy.

There is not an abundance of competition for Cris Cyborg at 145 pounds. Amanda Nunes presents a significant challenge as a striker, with power. Also, a rematch with Holly Holm cannot be considered as out of the question for Cris Cyborg.

Another potential opponent for Cris Cyborg could be Cindy Dandios. Dandios, a lightweight MMA star has begun lobbying for an opportunity to face Cris Cyborg. Cindy Dandios is using clips of her handing Megan Anderson one of her two defeats as reasons to get the nod.

Despite Cindy Dandios’ efforts, Cris Cyborg wants to fight Megan Anderson next. With Cyborg’s options for opponents considered limited it may be a match that happens. A bigger payday versus Amanda Nunes awaits Cris Cyborg. That would be a huge win for everyone involved, including the UFC.

If that is the route Cris Cyborg takes do not be surprised to see Megan Anderson featured on the same card or the card before. That way the UFC and Cris Cyborg can truly promote the bout.

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