‘GTA 6:’ Reputable Gaming Analyst Predicts Possible 2020 Announcement, 2022 Release Date

With the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 this year, Rockstar will undoubtedly have its hands full. So it might be safe to assume that GTA 6 will not be announced or released anytime soon. In fact, one reputable analyst in the gaming industry has predicted that Grand Theft Auto fans still have a long wait ahead of them.

According to Wall Street, gaming analyst Michael Pachter Rockstar Games will most likely release GTA 6 in 2022. Pachter is an established video game analyst associated with Wedbush Securities, as noted by Crunch Base. Tip Ranks further stated that Pachter has a 48 percent success rate, with 156 out of his 325 predictions coming true.

Considering Pachter’s formidable background, his most recent prediction regarding GTA 6‘s release date is something that could be taken seriously. In a statement to Gaming Bolt, Pachter asserted that the current development cycles of Rockstar between its two most significant franchises — Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto — would likely result in a release date for GTA 6 that is way into the future.

“It’s not coming out anytime soon. I’ll take over/under in 2022. I say it comes out after 2022. Remember, Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out eight years after the first one- so the idea that GTA 6 comes out before 2021 seems ridiculous.”


Considering that Red Dead Redemption 2 is due for release sometime this 2018, it seems fair to assume that Rockstar would be taking a considerable time developing its next blockbuster title. Grand Theft Auto VI, after all, would likely be the most ambitious entry in the entire GTA franchise. Thus, it would probably involve the most effort on Rockstar’s part.

So far, Rockstar has not confirmed any information about the upcoming AAA title. The farthest that the developer has stated is that they have several good ideas for the sequel’s premise. Many rumors about GTA 6 have emerged over the years, but true to form, Rockstar has been tight-lipped about any official information about the game.

Rockstar may also take some of its fans’ advice and focus on creating single-player DLCs for GTA 6 instead of multiplayer content. Many GTA gamers believe that the game developer has been spending too much time on creating multiplayer content for GTA Online. They would like to see Rockstar balance single-player and multiplayer DLCs in the future.

Despite the lack of confirmation about GTA 6, however, several persistent rumors have notably stayed over the years. Among these is the idea that the game would feature a female protagonist — one that is possibly on the side of the law–as well as a map that spans pretty much the entire United States. Other rumors also point to a Grand Theft Auto title that is set in another country, such as London.

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