Trump’s Private Corporate Helicopter On Mar-A-Lago Helipad Causes Controversy: Should Be Presidential Use Only

President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago helipad is once again the source of controversy. As reported by the Inquisitr, the private helicopter belonging to Trump was photographed as it sat on the new helipad months ago at Mar-a-Lago, on Sunday, April 9, in Palm Beach, Florida. Now the Trump helicopter has been photographed again in recent days, as seen in the photo above, from Saturday, December 23. Mystery regarding who paid for the helipad — which was paved months ago at an unknown cost — has surrounded it, along with questions about who is exactly using the Trump helicopter.

Trump is known to have had a penchant for helicopters for years. Billy Baldwin claimed that Trump hit on his wife and attempted to get her to fly away on his helicopter to Atlantic City, with allegations that Trump was so insecure that he called Marla Maples every 20 minutes when Billy acted with Marla.

Now the Palm Beach Post reports that Trump’s helicopter has been sitting on the helipad for more than seven days at Mar-a-Lago. However, the controversy surrounds the fact that Trump’s helipad is intended to be used for presidential business. Prior to Trump winning the presidency, helicopters were not allowed to land in the area, but Trump was given special permission to have the helipad constructed and allowed to have helicopters land at Mar-a-Lago.

The cost of the helipad also comes with controversy since the helipad has to be removed after President Trump is no longer in office. The Secret Service would not answer questions about who exactly is using the helicopter, but referred reporters to the White House to get answers. Raj Shah, the Principal Deputy Press Secretary for Trump, said that the White House did not request the helipad nor did the Marines and neither entity built or paid for the helipad.

What is known about the helicopter on Mar-a-Lago’s helipad is that DT Connect II and DT Connect II Member Corp own the aircraft. Without knowing if the helicopter with Trump’s logo is being used for official White House business or not is where the online buzz has grown about the 50-foot helipad.

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