President Trump And Melania Trump Had Some Very Awkward Relationship Moments In 2017

President Donald Trump may have won the White House but 2017 wasn’t his best year. Although Donald’s controversial tweets have gotten him into some hot water, it was his clumsy interactions with first lady Melania Trump that made some of the most riveting headlines. From Melania’s stoic public appearances to her infamous hand flick, here are some of the couple’s most awkward moments of the year.

Melania’s Ice-Cold Stare During Inauguration

According to AOL, Donald and Melania’s first awkward moment came on Inauguration Day. While standing in front of the cameras, Donald turned from the crowd to face his wife, who greeted him with a warm smile. When Donald turned away, however, Melania’s face turned into a depressing scowl. The moment was captured on camera and led to the embracing hashtag, Free Melania. Unfortunately for the Trumps, this wasn’t their only awkward moment this year.

The Infamous Hand Slap Incident

A few months after the inauguration, Melania joined Donald during his first diplomatic trip across the world. While most of their visits went off without a hitch, the two made international headlines while arriving in Tel Aviv. In a clip that quickly went viral, Melania is shown slapping Donald’s hand away as he reached out to hold her’s. The stop in Tel Aviv was the second destination for the Trumps, and the infamous hand slap dominated the news circuit for weeks.

Melania’s Awkward Arrival At The White House

According to Telegraph, the couple suffered another embarrassing moment when Melania finally moved into the White House. The first lady stayed in New York during the first five months of Trump’s tenure as their son Barron finished school. When she officially joined her husband in Washington, their reunion didn’t exactly go as planned.

After landing on the famous White House lawn, fans were quick to notice that Melania looked a lot stiffer than usual and attributed it to being forced to hold Donald’s hand. Despite the odd scene, Melania tried to make the most of her return on social media.

“Looking forward to the memories we’ll make in our new home,” the former model told her followers on Twitter.

Trump Gets Denied Once Again

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the couple’s famous hair snafu. When they visited Rome during their diplomatic tour of Europe, Donald was caught once again reaching for Melania’s hand. Melania didn’t flick away Donald’s hand like in Tel Aviv, but she dodged the incoming hand by quickly using her own to adjust her hair. So instead of holding his wife’s hand while walking down the steps of Air Force One, Donald got a handful of air and was left to fend for himself.

What Does 2018 Have In Store For The Trumps?

While the two have clearly had some epically strange moments together, there has been a lot of times when they simply look unhappy together. This includes the time they danced at the inauguration, and when Donald completely forgot about his wife when he arrived at the White House to meet former President Barack Obama. With so many awkward moments in a single year, there’s no telling what will happen between President Trump and Melania in 2018.

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