Princess Diana Comes Through Clear On The Cusp Of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Nuptials

The late Princess Diana is front and center once again as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle prepare for their wedding in May. While memories of the People’s Princess turn up occasionally in the news, Prince William and Prince Harry remember their mom in their daily lives. Not only do Diana’s sons do little things that evoke her memory, Kate Middleton has been known to do so as well.

With all the focus on Princess Diana’s youngest son today as he prepares to walk down the aisle, more and more people who had the privilege of knowing Diana personally on many levels have come out to share some little quip about their time together. Many of these quips have to do with Diana and her young sons, as they were always number one for Princess Diana.

Sometimes it is the little things that people remember that give a personal look into the life of Diana with her boys, who were 15 and 12 when Diana died. One such person is Sam McKnight, who was the first person to give Princess Diana that short haircut she sported up until her death.

After pulling Diana’s hair back so a tiara that she planned to wear would be seen for all its glory, Diana loved the look. She asked McKnight what he would do with her hair if he had free reign. He said he’d cut it short and right then and there, that is what Diana did. That iconic haircut that became the fashion craze of the day was due to an impromptu whim. Diana loved it and kept that hairstyle.

According to, that “spontaneous quick snip” was the start of his on-going working relationship with Diana, which continued on to where he sometimes gave William and Harry haircuts. It was another little tidbit that McKnight shared that offered a glimpse of Diana and William together as mom and son.

McKnight would swing by to do Diana’s hair whenever she was preparing for an event and it was during one of those times that he cut William’s hair as well. What he remembers most from that day was how Prince William, who was just barely a teen, “responded with glee” when he put gel in his hair for the first time.

Ordinary people have moments to share about how Diana touched their lives. According to Hello Magazine, their editor and chief, Rosie Nixon, wrote to Princess Diana and told her she was about to turn 6-years-old. Diana sent her a birthday card wishing her a very happy birthday.

The memories aren’t just coming from acquaintances of Diana, her sons William and Harry have some of their own to share. According to Yahoo News, on his wedding day, Prince William felt his mom’s spirit there. He said, “there were times when you look to someone or something for strength, and I very much felt she was there for me.”

Princess Diana once pranked young Prince William with supermodels. She surprised Prince William, who was a teen at the time, by inviting supermodels Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Cindy Crawford to Kensington Palace. She had them wait at the top of the steps, “embarrassing the young prince and making him almost trip over the steps,” reports Yahoo News.

Prince Harry also shared that one of his Mom’s mottos to him was, “You can be as naughty as you want, just don’t get caught,” As a youngster, Harry saw her as a naughty parent for the treats she would sneak them. He said, “she was one of the naughtiest parents. She would come watch us play football and smuggle sweets into our socks.”

Another personal bit of information that was revealed in the interview between Harry and Barack Obama demonstrates how Diana isn’t very far away in thoughts when it comes to her youngest son. According to the Kaplan Herald, Prince Harry explained to Barack Obama why his mom deserved the title, “The Peoples’ Princess.”

Harry said he thought his mom had a lot in common with everyone and one thing she would do when meeting people was “listen.” He told Obama how his mom put her name to some of the bigger issues that weren’t talked about. Harry shared his thoughts about his mom.

“We suffer from this illusion, or reality I suppose, where some problems become so big no one wants to get involved.

“She was the one who wanted to change that.

“I will always look up to her as my ideal role model.

“Everything she did was having an impact, it was making a difference.”

Kate and William’s engagement and marriage had Princess Diana themes subtly throughout those times, starting with Princess Diana’s ring on Kate’s finger as a promise of marriage to the future king. That ring is often seen in pictures today on Kate’s hand. While Kate was often compared to Princess Diana as her popularity skyrocketed, Prince Harry is doing the same with his betrothed today as well.

According to the Express, Harry believes that Meghan and his mother would have been “thick as thieves” if she was alive today. People in the crowd during Meghan’s first official Royal Family outing with Harry also made comparisons to Princess Diana and Meghan. They found her genuine and some expressed how they can see her becoming another “People’s Princess.”

Princess Diana was the first princess to make such giant strides for the Royal Family when it came to getting close to people and not appearing unapproachable. For that reason, when a new princess comes along, like Kate or Meghan, it only stands to reason that Diana becomes front and center in the news. Diana would have been both Kate and Meghan’s mother-in-law. Now all they have is the memory of Diana as seen through the eyes of her two sons, William and Harry.

Diana is someone that both Kate and Meghan are compared to today, but it seems Meghan came with a head start in that department. According to an article from the Mirror, Meghan was obsessed with Princess Diana and as a kid, she watched Diana’s Royal Wedding over and over again. So she was somewhat acquainted with Harry’s mom as far as having a bit of education about the Royal Family on board.

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