Citizens Of Hollywood At Disney’s Hollywood Studios Honor Mimi Kaboom With Pie-Eating Tribute [Video]

It has been quite a difficult final week of the year for the Disney family as two iconic legends at Walt Disney World have passed on, but they most certainly will never be forgotten. A couple of days before Christmas, word got around that the Mayor of Main Street U.S.A. had passed away, and recently, the world lost Mimi Kaboom. To honor her life and memory, the Citizens of Hollywood did the best thing possible and had a pie-eating tribute.

Just a couple of days ago, whispers on social media started going around that Stacy Fulford, also known as Mimi Kaboom, had passed away. As reported by WDW Info, she was a cast member at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and played the part of one of the most well-known and loved Citizens of Hollywood.

A number of different reports have been going around regarding her passing and what actually happened to her, but the truth is that she is already greatly missed. There is no denying that her passing has hit so hard for so many in the Disney family and beyond.

While so many try to deal with the fact that Mimi Kaboom will never walk the streets of Hollywood Studios again, others are making sure she is always remembered.

So many different guests interacted with Stacy Fulford as Mimi Kaboom at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but most of their meetings were short-lived. Sure, she may have seen them time and time again, but it was the guests who were truly blessed to have spent time speaking with her.

On the other side of things, there were the other Citizens of Hollywood who worked with her almost every single day. As shown in a video posted on YouTube by Faith Boles, those very same Citizens decided to pay tribute to Mimi Kaboom on Friday when they all sat around to have some pie.

Stacy Fulford had first appeared as a Citizen of Hollywood back in 2013 and had continued to entertain guests for years. For those who visited Epcot during Holidays Around the World, she also appeared as the ever-graceful and wonderful Helga.

It is obvious by this pie-eating tribute at Disney’s Hollywood Studios that her friends will always remember Mimi Kaboom and do whatever it takes to make sure others do as well. Stacy Fulford was a true member of the Citizens of Hollywood and the entire Disney family, and her passing is one that is not easy for anyone to take. She is gone far too early in her life and she will forever be enshrined at DHS as a member of Hollywood in the ’40s at Walt Disney World.

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