‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Fans In Uproar Over Awkward JaSam Kiss – Social Media Explodes

General Hospital spoilers for next week promise that Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) is interrupted, according to She Knows Soaps. Drew Cain (Billy Miller) is on foot and jogging for the Haunted Star with no clue that it’s out on the water for the fireworks and his fiancee is on the boat with her soon-to-be ex-husband Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Some fans were thrilled that JaSam finally got a kiss while others didn’t like it. But even those that were cheering for JaSam noticed that the kiss wasn’t all that was promised. A big faction of soap social media is on fire about the kiss itself and are saying it seemed awkward and forced. Check out the uproar on Twitter and Facebook about the kiss seen ’round the soap world.

JaSam Kiss: Awkward or Awesome?

On Friday and continuing over on Tuesday, the big JaSam kiss that many GH fans were waiting for finally happened. Some were thrilled and some were not. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central reveal that next week, Sam pushes Jason away and says Drew is who she loves. But for fans that are divided between wanting Sam with Drew versus Sam with Jason, the kiss has been polarizing. But even those that want Sam with Jason noticed the kiss played out strangely awkward according to reactions on social media.

One fan on Twitter said the kiss “looks so freaking awkward as hell” and another tweeted “TBH none of it seemed romantic to me, not even the kiss.” Other Twitter comments included that they “didn’t really see any spark or magic during the J/S kiss.” Another tweeted back to Frank Valentini, who was promoting the action on The Haunted Star, and replied that the kiss wasn’t magic and said it was “like you kiss your brother.” That’s not the enthusiastic reaction that ABC daytime was likely hoping for and the uproar is still churning.

Check Out the Video And See What You Think

If you look at the General Hospital spoilers video at the end of the article — watch closely from the 1:40 mark — you can see that as the kiss starts, Kelly Monaco noticeably winces. In one GH Facebook group, a member wrote that the kiss played awkwardly because “they were both nervous and scared IMO.” But then another member of the same group commented that there was “no passion, looked so fake” while still others blamed the writers for why the kiss was less than expected.

In the GH spoilers video, there is a definite wincing reaction that looks negative when their lips first touch, but fans seem torn on whether it was written into the script or something from the actress herself that might not have been intentional. If you scan soap Twitter and Facebook, there is a ton of speculation on whether Kelly Monaco was playing the scene as directed, whether she was making an acting choice, or whether the wince was a personal emotional reaction.

Personal Conflict For Kelly Monaco?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors have been swirling for more than a year that Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco are dating and in a real-life romance outside of their ABC soap life. Some GH fans are speculating on social media that the JaSam kiss scene was “off” because Kelly let her personal feelings overflow into her work. One fan commented on Facebook that the kiss was odd “because Kelly is involved with Billy” and added, “she probably held back more!”

So far, Kelly and Billy haven’t confirmed a personal relationship, but he was in the audience at her recent Dancing With the Stars performance and was also seen in her dressing room backstage. They’ve been spotted out at the beach looking cozy and out to eat together late at night in L.A. If Billy and Kelly are in a personal relationship, maybe she felt strange about doing a kiss with Steve after years with Billy.

Based on social media feedback, even JaSam fans had issues with the kiss and questioned whether it was worth the wait and seemed let down by it. Some GH fans claim it was hot, but a very vocal faction thinks it was not. Then again, maybe Steve and Kelly just need to warm up to each other. Catch up now on the latest GH spoilers for the week of January 1-5, and read about Julian’s hot new romance with Kim, plus the reveal of Drew’s secret wife (who’s not Kim!). Also, check back soon for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

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