Rihanna Holds Memorial For Fallen Cousin In Barbados

Music sensation Rihanna has held a tasteful ceremony for her fallen cousin who was murdered. The ceremony took place at a home on her beautiful native island nation of Barbados in the Caribbean.

According to VH1, Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne, her closest cousin, was tragically shot and murdered during the Barbados Boxing Day festival. He was brought to Queen Elizabeth hospital, where he died of his wounds. He was 21 years old. His killer has yet to be found.

Hollywood Life has reported that in her mourning, Rihanna has sounded a call to bring the rampant gun violence in Barbados to an end. As Rihanna and her family gathered in a Barbados residence together to commemorate Tavon’s death, they raised a toast to the fallen family member. He is carried in their hearts and has captured the attention of the world. The violent circumstances of his death have served as a rallying point for all against gun violence.

The memorial was held on December 28. During the toast, Rihanna herself raised a glass of tequila. She honored her beloved cousin at the memorial she arranged in his honor. During the memorial, Rihanna’s goddaughter, Majesty, was frequently seen on her hip as she held her close. Majesty was reportedly very close to Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne and was often seen in the pictures that were taken of him.

Rihanna herself had held her cousin Tavon less than a day before he was killed. As reported by Wonderwall, he was killed just a number of hours after they had enjoyed Christmas together. The horrific tragedy of his violent death has sent ripples across the world, invoking the sympathies of Rihanna’s fans.

The island ceremony brings honor to Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne as well as to all victims of gun violence and their families the world over. The beautiful memorial that Rihanna has held in her cousin Tavon’s honor, while private, is in its own way a tribute that can be shared and appreciated by all people who have been affected by gun violence, reminding us all to work towards a safer future, not only for the sake of our families, but for our own.

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