WWE Legend No-Shows Indie Event, Blames Donald Trump Travel Ban

When WWE superstars leave the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, there is a great chance to make good money by traveling the country and appearing at independent wrestling events. These events give the former WWE stars a chance to either wrestle with some up-and-coming talents or just to make some extra money by signing autographs and taking photos with the fans in attendance. However, these events are also very important for the indie promotions, who use the big names to lure in fans who might not otherwise attend the shows and this helps them gain new fans who show up to see the major stars and then fall in love with the local wrestling talent. That makes events where the major names no-show the events a huge hit to sometimes struggling smaller indie promotions.

WWE Superstar No-Shows AIW Event

Former WWE world champion Sid Vicious has a bad reputation for being unreliable when it comes to his contracted indie wrestling appearances. Over the years, Vicious has refused to show up for events that he was advertised for because he preferred to play softball and a tournament happened to coincide with the wrestling show.

When Vicious no-showed an AIW wrestling show in Cleveland on Friday, he had a unique excuse. According to PWInsider (via Wrestling Inc), Vicious blamed U.S. President Donald Trump and his travel ban for missing the show. According to AIW promoter John Thorne, Vicious contacted them hours before the show and said he couldn’t board his plane because of an unpaid traffic violation and the fact that he had no passport, calling it part of Trump’s travel ban.

Interestingly, this is a law but it has nothing to do with the Trump travel ban. Instead, this is part of the Obama-era requirements that people have a valid U.S. accepted ID to fly on planes. Some states refused to upgrade their IDs to the new accepted forms and now people in those states can’t fly without a passport unless the state received an extension.

AIW recorded the conversation with Sid Vicious and his excuse.

“We recorded his cancelation call just so there is proof of all this and we we will do our best to play the audio tonight or on a future episode of our podcast.”

Impact Wrestling Star EC3 Stepped In

In a hilarious response, Impact Wrestling superstar EC3 stepped in for Sid Vicious at the show and did it in a dramatic manner. EC3 dressed up like Vicious when he came to the ring.

Not only did EC3 show up dressed as Sid Vicious and mock the former WWE superstar at the AIW show, but he also signed autographs for the fans – on the photos of Sid Vicious that AIW provided, both giving fans something special and helping AIW recoup the costs for the photos.

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