‘Dr. Phil’ Spokesperson Denies Allegations The Show Gave Guests Access To Alcohol And Drugs

Dr. Phil is known for helping people and families deal with some pretty heavy issues. The talk show has been on the air for years, and Dr. Phil McGraw is one of the most recognizable hosts across television. Over the years, several celebrities have been guests on Dr. Phil to seek help with alcohol and drug-related issues. Most recently, Danielle Bregoli became an overnight sensation because she appeared as a guest. Other celebrities who have appeared on the show range from Farrah Abraham to Kim Richards, and everyone in between.

Earlier this week, accusations were made against Dr. Phil McGraw and the Dr. Phil show. Todd Herzog came forward and said that he was provided alcohol when he arrived to do the show. This reportedly happened four years ago, back in 2013. Herzog had to be carried out to speak with Dr. Phil after drinking out a bottle of vodka that was allegedly left in his dressing room. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Dr. Martin Greenberg is denying the allegations against the Dr. Phil show. As of now, McGraw has not issued a statement regarding the claims. Greenberg has become the spokesperson for the show, and he is denying anything was provided to guests who were there to seek help.

Fans were shocked when the allegations against the Dr. Phil show came out. While Dr. Phil McGraw has been criticized in the past for how he has handled situations, no one believed he would give addicts seeking help their drug of choice. Dr. Martin Greenberg has changed his story a few times since speaking out and denying the allegations. Some critics are on the fence about what they think happens behind the scenes of Dr. Phil. Several of the shows focus on other family issues that don’t touch upon alcohol or drug issues, but those that do have some viewers concerned.


As of now, Todd Herzog is standing by his allegations. Dr. Phil McGraw has not spoken out about what is being said about Dr. Phil. Fans are hoping he will make his own statement instead of leaving Dr. Martin Greenberg to do all of the talking. These allegations are very serious, and despite the denials, there are some fans who believe this may have happened. Herzog appeared in 2013, and there have been several hundred guests after him.

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