Luann De Lesseps Follows Up ‘RHONY’ Arrest And Rehab With ‘Countess Nightclub Act’ Amid Ex’s Dismay [Rumors]

Real Housewives Of New York City (RHONY) star Luann de Lesseps continues to attract attention — and not in a good way. Speculation continues to soar about precisely what occurred that led to her drunken arrest and rehab announcement. Luann’s ex-husband has expressed his strong displeasure that the former Countess continues to use his name as rumors about the scandal continue. But de Lesseps already has plans for 2018, with the RHONY star famed for singing “Money Can’t Buy You Class” ready to debut her cabaret act.

Will Luann De Lesseps ‘Countess And Friends’ Act Be About Tom?

But despite the ongoing aftermath of de Lesseps’ arrest and confession about rehab, the details of Luann’s new nightclub act have leaked, according to Page Six. One memorable phrase from de Lesseps’ years on the Real Housewives Of New York focuses on Tom D’Agostino. So with the catchphrase of “It’s about Tom” still counting as one of the memorable quotes from Luann’s RHONY years, fans are wondering if D’Agostino will pop up in some form in her cabaret gig, titled “Countess and Friends.”

“[The cabaret show] ‘Countess and Friends’ is said to be her debut ‘nightclub act’ — which certainly takes on a new meaning since she was arrested after allegedly being found in bed with a mystery man in someone else’s hotel room.”

Although the mystery man remains unidentified, the “friends” reference could include her co-stars on RHONY as well as ex-husbands such as Tom. But when it comes to counting on friends, Luann may want to remove her former ex-husband from the list.

Countess Luann de Lesseps, star of “Real Housewives Of New York,” has 2018 plans starring rehab and a nightclub act.

Luann’s Dignified Ex-Husband, Count De Lesseps, Wants Her To Stop Using His Last Name

In the wake of the RHONY star’s arrest in Palm Beach, De Lesseps’ ex-husband isn’t thrilled that Luann is continuing to use his last name, an insider told Page Six.

“The former husband of alleged drunken hotel-room-crashing, cop-bashing [RHONY star] Luann de Lesseps wants his fancy second name back.”

Count Alexandre de Lesseps reportedly is fully aware of the charges that Luann faces, including “disorderly intoxication, battery of an officer, resisting arrest and making threats against a public servant,” according to the insider. The RHONY star also allegedly made threats about killing a police officer who tried to get her and the mystery man out of the hotel room. She has since apologized on Twitter and revealed her plans to enter rehab.

However, with the Countess nightclub act already planned, trying to prevent Luann from using his last name and her title could end up creating more unfavorable publicity for the Count rather than saving his name. The RHONY star has already devoted time to creating her debut nightclub performance.

Luann De Lesseps Will Sing At Club In February And March — Unless Judge Or Rehab Veto

Famed for singing “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” the RHONY star is set to debut her nightclub act early in 2018. The show, “Countess and Friends,” will take place at the New York City supper club Feinstein’s/54 Below on February 27 and March 8. And although the Count probably can’t stop his Countess, there are two factors that could delay Luann’s performance.

The alcohol treatment center that Luann revealed she plans to enter could force her to delay her plans for the nightclub act. In addition, the judge in charge of her drunken hotel arrest ruling may want her to remain for the outcome of the hearing rather than head to a supper club in New York City.

Despite the Count’s dismay and disapproval, the “Countess” show promises to use the “fodder” from de Lesseps’ “glamorous life in the fast line.” Set to include her years on the Real Housewives Of New York City, the nightclub act will feature other stars.

“[D]e Lesseps’s glamorous life provides fodder for hilarious stories, one-of-a-kind anecdotes, and, of course, some standards and pop songs in her inimitable style.”

Luann will include “New York’s most sought after nightlife stars, both legendary and ascendant,” in her show, according to the description. An insider told Page Six that the arrest has provided de Lesseps with “more stories.” She reportedly plans to expand the show, taking it on the road with help from her team.

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