Meghan Markle’s Dad, Thomas Markle, Deeply Offended By Prince Harry’s ‘Family She Never Had’ Comment

Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle, was said to have been hurt by Prince Harry’s comment after the royal Christmas celebration that included the Suits actress. In his interview with BBC 4 Radio on Dec. 27, the British Prince said that the royals are like the family that his fiancée never had.

Previously, Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, slammed Prince Harry for saying such comments that offended her family. Apparently, Harry’s statements did not sit well with the Markles so this prompted them to speak up and reveal what they feel about the Prince’s statements.

Following the controversial reaction of Samantha, the American actress’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., has stepped out as well, to say that they had been hurt by what Prince Harry had said during his interview on BBC 4 radio.

Speaking to Daily Mail, he said, “Obviously, she had a family. She was very privileged. She got everything she ever wanted.”

Thomas Jr. added that the person who would be hurt the most is their 73-year-old father, Thomas Markle Sr. He explained that their dad would be very upset because while growing up, he made sure that Meghan had what she needed to be successful and get to where she is today.

Meghan Markle’s 51-year-old brother added that the whole family had showered his half-sister with love since she was young, and they made it a point to celebrate holidays together. Thomas Jr. reiterated that Meghan had a really big family who had been good to her.

“We were as close as we could be, as tight as we could be, that’s what we were,” he narrated. “We’d get together on Christmases, on holidays, on birthdays, on Thanksgivings even though we lived in different parts of the city.”

Nevertheless, the royal Christmas celebration was surely a far cry from what Meghan had experienced with her own family in Los Angeles, but Thomas Jr. shared that Meghan’s divorced parents, Thomas Sr. and Doria Ragland, usually go to great lengths just to make sure that their daughter and the rest of the family has a special Christmas.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry has yet to meet Meghan’s father, who is now living in Mexico after retiring from his work as television lighting director. Despite being estranged from her dad now, Celebrity Insider reported that the former Suits star wants her dad to walk her down the aisle when she marries Prince Harry in May next year.

Finally, there is still no word if Meghan Markle’s wish will come true, but it was said that Thomas Jr. is willing to take their father’s place if he does not want to attend his daughter’s wedding.

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