‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Thinks Kiki And Griffin Are Cheating – But Here’s What’s Really Going On

General Hospital spoilers for 2018 reveal that Ava Jerome (Maura West) struggles with her insecurities when she suspects Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) and Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) are fooling around behind her back. This is Ava’s guilty conscience at work because that’s what she and Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) did to Kiki. Now, Ava sees Griffin and Kiki whispering and being secretive and assumes the worst about her boyfriend and daughter. The pair is keeping secrets, but it’s not what Ava thinks.

Griffin And Kiki Planning Surprise For Ava

Both Griffin and Kiki know that Ava continues to be self-conscious about the remaining burn scar on her face. Ava’s outraged reaction to the scarf that Kiki gave her showed her continued self-doubt. Ava said that her daughter gave her “another scarf to hide in” and Kiki and Griffin rushed to reassure her that’s not what the gift meant. The latest General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps, say that Griffin’s surprise for Ava could change everything.

So, what is this big surprise? This week’s soap magazines promise that Griffin and Kiki are working together to find a legitimate doctor to perform the final procedure on Ava’s face to get rid of her scar. Since Ava’s so upset about the lingering scar, they want to give her the fresh start she wants. Unfortunately, all their plotting and whispering has Ava paranoid that karmic payback is coming for her and that Kiki and Griffin are involved in a secret romance.

Will Ava Ruin Her Surprise With Accusations?

Already, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central promise that Ava fears she’s gone too far. She wants Griffin in her life, but feels like she doesn’t deserve him. The same goes for Kiki since Ava knows she’s done her daughter wrong when it came to Morgan. But when Ava sees the whispers between her hunky BF and her beautiful daughter, she loses control of her feelings. Ava’s insecurities about her past decisions and her scarred face are a powerful and negative combination.

But even as Ava doubts Griffin and Kiki, they’re plotting to help her. Griffin was terrified when Ava went to see the sketchy doctor to have the dangerous procedure done that was designed by Dr. Klein from the Russian clinic. Ava put her life at risk to fix her face, and Griffin and Kiki know that Ava might try again. The duo wants to save Ava from herself and find a safe way for her to get what she wants without putting herself in the hands of a bad doctor doing unlicensed surgery.

The latest spoilers tease that Ava may sabotage her relationship with her man and her daughter if she doesn’t wake up soon. Catch up now on GH spoilers for the week of January 1-5, Drew’s secret wife (it’s not Kim), and the shocking reveal of Nathan’s brother in Port Charles. Check back often for even more General Hospital spoilers and news.

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