‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers: New Leaked Synopsis Has Some Fans Upset And Up In Arms

Fans are not happy about where Dragon Ball Super is headed.

This specifically has to do with how the anime is treating Vegeta. Many fans of the character took to Reddit to express their disappointment after the emergence of plot details about Dragon Ball Super Episode 123, which is titled “Full Body, Spirit, and Power Unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!!”

While the title sounds promising, a translation of the summary of the second Dragon Ball Super installment for the new year provided by the ever-reliable Herms98 has many thinking that the Saiyan Prince is being made uncharacteristically weak to serve the plot.

Part of the synopsis reads as follows.

“Vegeta loses to Jiren without even being able to put up a decent fight.”

One Reddit user said that while Jiren is extremely powerful, they would still expect Vegeta to at least graze the strongest Universe 11 warrior even just a tiny bit, but the idea that he has his behind handed to him in Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 has them frustrated.

However, another user reminded that the preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 already shows Vegeta landing more hits on Jiren than Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken (SSBK) Goku, so his effort might not be as bad as the synopsis suggests.

Despite this, some say that Vegeta is a victim of jobbing, which is when a character is completely destroyed by another character in order to demonstrate their massive power.

Some Redditors are quick to point out that what is bound to happen to Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super is far from jobbing and is to be expected. After all, fans have seen how crazy powerful Jiren is.

Goku in his Ultra Instinct form was overpowered. His SSBK form still found the hero crushed in the end so to others, it is not much of a stretch for Vegeta to get beat up senseless by Jiren in Dragon Ball Super Episode 123.

Interestingly, the title says that Goku and Vegeta will both unleash their full power, but the synopsis only mentions of the former going Super Saiyan Blue, which fans doubt would do anything anyway seeing how his SSBK power-up did not subdue Jiren in the slightest.

In a translation from Saiyan Island, however, there is more to the Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 synopsis, even hinting of a more dismal fate.

“Vegeta puts forth his full power to battle Universe 11’s Jiren, but utterly fails to defeat him. Instead, Vegeta is seriously injured and in dire straits.”

Then again, others would like to emphasize how Goku in some of his strongest forms, as fans saw in previous Dragon Ball Super episodes, did not do any better, although the impression here is that Vegeta will not be able to do anything significant at all.

On the other hand, others are upset not because Vegeta will be defeated mercilessly in a battle they know he would lose. It is the idea that he is not getting enough solo fighting time with Jiren in Dragon Ball Super when Goku gets a lot.

The retort of the opposing side in this argument is that this is simply because Goku is the Dragon Ball Super protagonist. While Vegeta is important in the Dragon Ball series as a whole, he is not the central character. Much of the Goku vs. Jiren screen time is about introducing the hero’s new forms and power-ups that Vegeta does not have anyway.

Thankfully, it does not look like the rumored beating will be permanent. Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 will see Vegeta help Goku in another attempt to take Jiren down, although their efforts will be fruitless once again.

Either way, the synopsis ultimately started a debate on the strength of characters throughout the Dragon Ball franchise and how inconsistent it can become.

Herms98 took it upon himself to put together a guide in order to keep track of the level of power of the heroes and villains as Dragon Ball Super progresses and fans can consult it in the midst of this issue.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday on Fuji TV.

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