‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’: New Photo Of Beth Chapman, Political Post By Duane Chapman Gives Fans Mixed Feelings

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane Chapman has seemingly caused fans to have mixed feelings about two recent social media posts. Duane Chapman might be in some hot water with Dog and Beth fans after sharing a fairly risque new photo of wife Beth Chapman on Thursday. The disappointment that some fans of Duane “Dog” Chapman expressed over the photo was possibly made worse by another social media post just over three weeks ago that let fans know where the former bounty hunter stood politically.

Duane and Beth Chapman amassed a large number of fans thanks to their two reality TV series that ran for a total of just over 10 years on A&E and CMT. Fans of the famous bounty-hunting couple from Hawaii, who starred together in Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, now follow their lives on social media. Both Duane Chapman, 64, and his wife for more than a decade, Beth Chapman, 50, have recently been back in the spotlight after Beth announced via a letter to fans that she had been diagnosed with throat cancer.

Beth Chapman has since become cancer-free, and Duane Chapman recently shared on his @OfficialDogTheBountyHunter Facebook account that they celebrated Beth’s “first cancer-free Christmas” on Monday. Duane “Dog” Chapman has been Beth’s biggest cheerleader throughout her battle with cancer, which lasted several months, and has shared several posts on social media in support of Beth after she publicly revealed her cancer diagnosis in August. The couple briefly returned to the A&E network in November for a special series about Beth’s throat cancer diagnosis and treatment, and Duane proudly posted to Facebook the day after the two-hour special episode aired that his “honey” had beat throat cancer.


After having known each other for two decades, Duane “Dog” Chapman and Beth Chapman decided to get married in 2006 and now have two grown children together, Bonnie and Garry Chapman, who fans got to know from Dog the Bounty Hunter episodes. Dog and Beth’s love story actually spans three decades now, and Country Living shared their “sweet and complicated love story” this month in an article where Dog actually referenced the fact that he was married when he met Beth — but “those breasts.” In fact, “those breasts” were the main focus of a recent photo, which can be viewed here, that Duane “Dog” Chapman shared of Beth Chapman on his personal Instagram account with the caption that “she’s all mine.”

Some fans of Duane Chapman found the photo of Beth offensive, with one comment suggesting the photo is “not appropriate,” while another comment says that “no one wants to see this.” Although Duane’s recent photo has received some mixed reactions from fans since Beth is still recovering from her “health scare,” most of the comments appear to be positive in nature, with one fan writing that Beth is “comfortable” with it and “they are so in love.” Another comment shares that Duane “Dog” Chapman is just showing the “world how much he loves his wife.” Still, though, some fans think that Beth’s body is for Dog’s “eyes only.”

Duane Chapman’s recent controversial and somewhat risque photo of wife Beth on Instagram comes shortly after another controversial and politically-charged post on Facebook. Comments on the political post, which was shared just over three weeks ago, suggest that Duane might have lost some followers. The Facebook post that was intended to be political in nature attracted mixed feelings from his hundreds of thousands of followers, with some fans saying that they’ve “been a fan for years,” but Duane’s post about Donald Trump’s presidency has them wondering. Duane Chapman is obviously pro-Trump, according to his Facebook post, which comes as no surprise to some fans since Dog and Beth are “very pro-criminal justice.”


Reports surfaced in November that Duane “Dog” Chapman and Beth Chapman were leaving “bounty hunting behind” following Beth’s throat cancer diagnosis. However, remaining Dog the Bounty Hunter fans are now urging the couple to return to reality TV, an idea that both Dog and Beth seem to openly support on social media through sharing and the use of hashtags #aetv and #dogandbeth.

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