Jinger Duggar Embarrasses Jeremy Vuolo On Instagram, ‘Counting On’ Fans Liken Husband To Kylo Ren

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo often share pictures of each other they found in childhood homes. They reveal never-been-seen-before pictures for their fans to enjoy and to have a glimpse of their younger years. This time, Jinger posted a picture of her husband from his teenage years, which got Counting On fans talking.

This holiday season, Jinger and Jeremy are in Pennsylvania visiting his parents’ side of the family. This marks their second Christmas and New Years together and also the second year in a row that they picked the Vuolos over the Duggars. While the winters are colder up north, it looks like the 24-year-old Duggar is having a blast learning more about her husband.

The latest picture on her Instagram is one of Jeremy when he was in his teenage years. While most kids look rather awkward and uncomfortable in their own skin in that age, Counting On fans noted how he looked “moody” and “angsty,” but remarkably like himself in 90s fashion.

In fact, one of the followers went on to say just how much he looked like the antagonist of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

“Oh my goodness he looks like Kylo Ren in this photo, but without the long hair,” she commented.


This is not the first time that Jinger revealed a picture from her husband’s childhood. Whenever she is in his family house, she manages to unearth some gems from the last three decades to show just how adorable he looked as a young man.

Just half a year after their wedding, she shared a picture of Jeremy when he was in middle school.


“Aww, he was so handsome even then,” a fan commented.

“What a cutie! He was a heartbreaker even at that age,” another chimed in. “I look forward to when they have children. With both of their looks, those are going to be some beautiful babies.”

Even at the age of 30, Jeremy Vuolo still kept that moody and contemplative look.



“He looks so sad but so glad to see y’all so happy,” a fan wrote.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are the only married Duggar couple that lives outside of Arkansas. He is currently the pastor of Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas, where they moved to after their wedding.