Floyd Mayweather’s Team Meeting With Dana White Isn’t About UFC Fight, Discussing Boxing For 2018

A recently reported meeting involving Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s team and UFC president Dana White is said to be about boxing rather than a mixed martial arts career. When fans and journalists heard about the big meeting not long ago, it raised quick speculation that “Money” Mayweather was transitioning from the squared circle to the Octagon. However, the UFC’s head honcho recently cleared up those rumors, saying the meetup with Floyd’s team is regarding his own interest in becoming more involved in the boxing world.

In a report from TMZ Sports on Thursday, White cleared up the suggestions running around out there that he was trying to set up a Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor rematch in the UFC. White informed everyone that he wants McGregor focused on defending the UFC lightweight championship instead of a novelty rematch. In terms of the meeting that White took with Floyd’s team, he did so because he wants “to put together boxing super fights.” While Dana said that Floyd would make a lot of money by taking on a mixed martial arts fight, he said he doesn’t think he wants to do that and suggested he’d be “crazy” to do so because he would get “killed” in the Octagon.

Dana White said he met with Mayweather’s team because he wants to get involved in boxing promotions.

White was crystal clear about what he’s been meeting with Floyd’s team and other boxing groups about.

“I want to get into boxing and in 2018, the next couple months, I’m meeting with everybody from the boxing world, and I’m meeting with Team Mayweather too.”

White mentioned one boxer, in particular, that he’s interested in promoting too. He said with regards to the heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, “I think he’s the most marketable fighter in boxing right now.” That brought up the idea that maybe Dana White can arrange a fight involving Joshua vs. Deontay Wilder.

While he didn’t say he could get it done, he seemed to have interest in it.

“As a fan myself, I would like to see that fight, as well as a lot of other fights,” White said, adding that he has a few plans to get things going as far as his boxing involvement so he would “see how it goes.”

While this seems to kill some of the buzz that was going on for fans to see Floyd Mayweather, Jr. step into the Octagon and try his hand at McGregor’s sport, it could create some excitement in the boxing world. If White can play a part in making an Anthony Joshua vs. Deontay Wilder fight happen, he’d certainly be celebrated in another fighting sport.

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