Audrey Roloff Throwback Baby Pic Sparks Comparison With Ember, Blasted For Black Dress In Latest Family Photo

Audrey Roloff of Little People, Big World shared a couple of photos recently that garnered tons of positive vibes, though there were a few not-so-encouraging comments, as should be expected by now, with some critical fans of the hit reality TV series from TLC.

Audrey posted an old photo of herself on Instagram Stories and fans were quick to notice the similarity between a young Audrey and her daughter, Ember Jean. According to In Touch Weekly, Audrey was sharing a series of photos from Ember Jean’s first Christmas when she squeezed in a photo of herself taken when she was still a baby.

“This baby me [sic],” Audrey said on her Instagram post.

The throwback photo shows a bald baby Audrey clad in a pink and white dress while staring at the camera with a smile.

As mentioned, Audrey shared a number of photos to commemorate Ember Jean’s first ever holiday season. One of those photos, which she posted a couple of days ago, shows Audrey, Ember, and Jeremy posing in front of their Christmas tree. Audrey included the Bible verse John 1:14 in her post.

“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us*, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth,” Audrey quoted. “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.”

The photo was in fact taken a couple of weeks back, the same time as the one Audrey posted previously showing herself and Jeremy sharing a kiss while their pet cat, Pine, was watching, as reported in another Inquisitr article. The innocent and charming family photo still received a couple of negative comments from some of Audrey’s followers.

Audrey has been targeted before for supposedly dressing Ember inappropriately. This time, Ember is wearing a bright red Christmas dress, which garnered praise from everyone. The problem apparently lies with the celebrity mom’s wardrobe.

Audrey is wearing a plain black long-sleeved free-flowing dress, which reaches her feet.

“I love Audrey,” said one fan. “But that dress frumpy and awful sorry. She is beautiful and fit does nothing for her.”

“It would be cute if u dress just like ur baby cute lil fam,” said another. “Not feeling that dress too plain.”

As it stands, the issue with Audrey’s dress is just a matter of opinion and taste as her black dress, in fact, got mostly positive reactions from followers and a number of them wanted to know where Audrey got the dress.

“Love the dress,” one fan said. “Have wedding to attend in couple weeks.. would love to have same… please and thanks.”

“Your dress!!! Gorgeous,” said another.

“Merry Christmas to y’all.” Another follower said. “Love your dress btw!”

Jeremy played it safe with a light gray sweater over what seems like a white long-sleeved shirt. He also wore black pants and a pair of brown shoes. Jeremy had his hair tied up, which meant fans critical of his long curly hair had nothing bad to say, at least on that specific photo.

In general, all is good with the photo of Audrey, Jeremy, and baby Ember. The criticisms and other comments from “well-meaning” fans will always be there, as should be expected with celebrity families and TV personalities.

Little People, Big World fans may get to know the story behind the photos as the reality show will supposedly air new episodes in the coming year despite rumors that it has been cancelled. TLC has yet to officially announce a new season of LPBW, though some members of the Roloff family have already said that they haven’t been informed of the show’s cancellation, as The Hollywood Gossip reported. Some of their social media posts also show members of a film crew and people are taking this as a sign that Little People, Big World will be back on TV real soon.

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