Malia Obama Joins Mom, Michelle Obama, For Yoga Workout In Hawaii

Malia Obama joined her mother, Michelle Obama, for a session of yoga in Hawaii during their holiday vacation. A photo of Malia is seen below in a tweet posted by TMZ. The news site also had a video showing the former first lady in her black baseball cap and workout clothes inside the yoga studio.

TMZ reports that Malia Obama and Michelle Obama were spotted at Corepower Yoga in Kailua, Hawaii on Wednesday. Michelle looked happy and fit, which isn’t a surprise since she feels more freedom since leaving the White House and maintains a healthy lifestyle.

In the photo posted on the website, Malia wore a black tank top and black shorts with orange trim as she held a yoga mat. She wore her long hair up.

There was no sign of Barack or Sasha Obama, but usually, the whole family travels together on holiday getaways.

Nineteen-year-old Malia Obama is currently in her freshman year at Harvard University. She made headlines in November for making out with a young mystery man at Yale-Harvard pregame event. The mystery guy was identified as Rory Farquharson, also 19. Daily Mail reports that Farquharson is from Britain and is the former head boy of the U.K.’s prestigious Ruby School. It was revealed that Farquharson has a relative who once worked for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. It’s unclear how serious Malia’s relationship is with Rory, but his family told the media that he was visiting the states when he was with Malia.

Malia finds it hard to maintain her privacy, as sources and insiders tattle to the tabloids that the former first daughter likes to party. The things most young adults do while in college is a big event when Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughter is caught doing it. A few months ago, Michelle said at one of her speaking appearances that fame is especially difficult for Malia because people come up to her wanting to take photos all the time. Weeks after Malia moved on campus, a grandmother was stalking her for a photo. Malia was seen on video snapping at the woman for sticking the camera in her face.

When Malia Obama was making out with Farquharson, she was also seen smoking a cigarette, something her mother criticizes her father for doing. Despite that, the eldest Obama daughter believes in a healthy lifestyle, since she joined her mom for a yoga session, and Malia also has an excellent figure.

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