Roman Reigns Sparks ‘Crazy Noise’ Competition Leaving WWE Wrestler Wanting Major Decibels Of His Own

Roman Reigns is a WWE phenomenon who pulls in an equal amount of boos and cheers when entering the ring. The WWE fans that love Reigns don’t want to watch a match if he’s not in it, and the WWE fans who hate Reigns are known to feel the same way. Despite the boos and the heckling, Reigns has something other WWE wrestlers want.

When Reigns missed a Monday Night Raw before right before Christmas, his fans took to social media to say that they weren’t going to tune in with Reigns missing. The same went for those who are proud to admit they offer up the boos in the crowd. They didn’t care to watch without Reigns on the marquee.

Without him, WWE fans took to social media to share their thoughts on the night only offering up a lackluster event without Roman Reigns. So what is it that makes this guy so popular to love and to hate?

No one can really pinpoint a single answer to that question, but Kevin Owens wants some of what Reigns has to entice a crowd into those crazy emotions. According to Wrestling Inc., Owens said in a recent interview that the best reaction he could wish for from a crowd is that loud mixture of boos and cheers, like what you hear when Reigns enters the ring.

“John Cena and Roman Reigns get insane reactions where half the crowd loves them and half the crowd despises them,” he said. Owens wants to conjure up the same buzz that he gets hit with while waiting in the ring as Reigns or Cena are making their way toward the spotlight. He wants to hear that “crazy noise” that the crowd makes, but he wants that noise being made for him.

Roman doesn’t mind the boos as it makes him part of who he is. He said during an interview earlier this year that “No one has ever been like me.” He also said the “fans can boo if that makes them cooler,” according to Bleeding Cool.

Owens said, whether it’s John or Roman, you get hit with that noise as you wait in the ring as their opponent. He calls it a special atmosphere where people are competing with noise. Owens describes it as “The guy who’s booing one of them is trying to be louder than the guy cheering. It makes for a special atmosphere.”

Roman also thinks of his fans in a competition to see who can be louder, the WWE fans hissing with their boos or the fans letting out the cheers. According to Bleeding Cool, Reigns talked about the noise his fans make.

“It’s loud. But the thing is it’s cool because they compete,” Reigns said. “They compete. The people who like me, they’re going to cheer. And the guys who don’t… Did I say, ‘the guys’? The guys my age who don’t, they want to be louder, so, like, it becomes a thing. And that’s what it’s all about.”

Owens claims that he wants to move the crowd into that same kind of reaction.

“That’s really what I’m striving for,” he said. As a kid, it was Shawn Michaels who inspired Owens and he claims that Michaels is the reason he became a wrestler. He knew back when he was 11 what that noise meant to a wrestler and today that’s his goal.

Roman is stuck between a rock and a hard place as one of WWE’s greatest superstars because it’s not easy to describe him or put him in a “good” or “bad” category. He’s not a villain and if fans see him as a good guy, he wouldn’t bring on so many boos. Despite his lot in life lacking a description, people love this powerhouse and boos and cheers are both forms of affection for this superstar. As Owens said, it’s an “atmosphere.”

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