Duggar Family Fans Worry For Baby After Joseph Duggar’s Wife Kendra Caldwell Goes Tubing In See-Through Skirt

Amy Duggar hasn’t been shown hanging out with her cousins on Counting On, but she recently shared photographic evidence that she still spends time with the rest of the Duggar family. The “rebel” cousin’s snapshot sparked some concern about the unborn baby of Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar, but Amy insisted that the newest addition to the family was never in any danger.

On Thursday, Amy Duggar shared a photo of herself and Kendra Caldwell standing on a snowy hill. It was clear that the girls weren’t in Arkansas anymore, and one of Amy’s followers observed that the slope in the background appears to be one of the attractions at the Massanutten Resort in Virginia. Amy revealed that she and Kendra decided to go tubing and shopping while “the boys” went skiing. She didn’t say whether their husbands were the only family members who joined them on the trip or whether there were other Duggars roaming around the resort.

Because she’s so covered up in Amy Duggar’s photo, Kendra Caldwell’s baby bump isn’t visible. However, fans immediately thought of her pregnancy upon viewing the image. As reported by E! News, she and Joseph Duggar shared their big baby news just ten days ago, but some concerned Duggar family fans are already accusing Kendra of being a bad mom.

“Kendra um aren’t you pregnant not very wise,” wrote one critic of her choice of outdoor activity.

“I would just not risk getting a injury to myself or my baby if it wasn’t a must,” read another remark. “I’m sure there is safer activities she can do while she’s pregnant that are fun and less risky. She can flip on the tube or hit a bump or tree.”


Other fans jumped to Kendra’s defense, with one commenter making the argument that the Counting On star is “pregnant, not an invalid.” Amy Duggar also addressed those who were criticizing Kendra for possibly putting her unborn baby at risk.

“She wasn’t in any danger at all, or the baby,” Amy wrote.

Snow tubing isn’t on BabyCenter‘s list of activities to avoid while pregnant, but skiing is. This may be why Kendra and Amy did their own thing instead of hitting the slopes with their husbands. Pregnant women are advised not to participate in any activities that put them at risk for falling, which is why skiing is a more dangerous option than tubing. By choosing the latter, Kendra made falling impossible by keeping her entire body close to the ground.

Kendra Caldwell didn’t just get criticized for sliding down a hill while pregnant; some commenters also knocked her wardrobe choice. Joseph Duggar grew up in a household where female members of his family were encouraged to always wear dresses and skirts, and it looks like his wife has fully embraced her in-laws’ Bible-inspired wardrobe rule. When Kendra went tubing, she did protect her legs from the biting winter air and frozen snow by wearing snow pants, but she wore a see-through black skirt over them.

“I really don’t understand the skirt,” wrote one confused commenter.

“Is that a skirt in the snow?!” another remarked.


Kendra Caldwell’s outfit choice may signify that she’s going to follow the Duggar family’s modesty rules more closely than some of her sisters-in-law have. Jill Duggar avoided pants like the plague during her first years of marriage, but even she didn’t wear a skirt over her snowsuit while sledding with her husband in 2015.

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