Corey Feldman Talks About How ‘A Tale Of Two Coreys’ Is G-Rated Version Of X-Rated Story

Corey Feldman has been revealing a lot over the last few months and now it is time for a Lifetime movie that will share even more. People shared that Corey is now talking about what fans can expect from A Tale of Two Coreys. These two first met on the set of the movie The Lost Boys, but they continued to work together for years, even having their own reality show.

Corey even wrote a book called Coreyography that was all about the sexual abuse that they encountered as children. Corey has even been working on a documentary that will explain all of the details and the Inquisitr recently revealed that Corey is a bit upset that he isn’t getting enough assistance from his peers who have allegedly been through the same things he went through as a child.

In this new movie, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim will be played by Elijah Marcano and Justin Ellings. Feldman had a hand in the movie and says that they did a great job. It sounds like the fans are going to enjoy watching these two play the young Feldman and Haim.

Corey explained that one big thing about this movie is that it is a television movie. That means they can’t show the X-Rated version of what went down when they were younger. He admits that the sex and drugs that are part of their story aren’t all on this television movie because they just couldn’t put them there.

One thing that has been hard for Corey Feldman is reliving all the things that happened to him as a child. Between this movie A Tale of Two Coreys, his book and the documentary he is working on. Corey even had to go back and speak to the police about all of the details of what happened to him as a child. It has been rough on him, but the truth is coming out and that is really important. Corey said, “Even more painful has been reliving it all while going through this TRUTH Campaign and actually having to go an speak to the L.A. Police Department and giving them a full detailed account, and talking about it on talk shows and stuff. That’s been pretty intense for me. I would say, if anything, that’s been the most painful thing of what I’ve been doing now.”

Make sure you don’t miss A Tale of Two Coreys when it airs on Lifetime on January 6, 2018. This movie is going to reveal a lot about what really happened with Corey Haim and Corey Feldman when they were children.

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