T.I. Goes On A 30-Minute $20K Shopping Spree To Share Christmas Cheer With Single Moms Of Atlanta

T.I. made Christmas merrier for a group of single mothers in Atlanta as he suddenly decided to spend a hefty $20,000 in mere minutes in order to make their children’s wishes come true — very much like Santa Claus.

According to the Hollywood Life, the 37-year-old rapper, whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., became the “hottest and most generous Santa” for single moms after he helped them buy their kids gifts they couldn’t afford.

“All single mothers, if there’s anything you didn’t get for your children follow me,” he called out while marching through a Target store, urging them to follow him to the back of the store where the electronic and expensive stuff are displayed in.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of women with shopping carts in tow queued up behind him and helped him spend a surprising $20,000 in just 30 minutes. After that, Tip and the single mothers whose kids’ wishes he is helping fulfill lined up to pay for their shopping which mostly consisted of consumer electronics such as video games, computers, and TVs.

Of course, spreading holiday cheer won’t be complete without hugs and kisses from the celebrity Santa who happily shared the love with women who are challenged to raise their children on their own. T.I. shared everything in an Instagram post, promising to do the same in the next Yuletide season.

Aside from single mothers, the 37-year-old rapper also shared some love with the children of Atlanta in day cares, youth centers, and underprivileged neighborhoods by distributing toys and other gifts via U-Haul trucks.

Sharing the good deed on his Instagram page, T.I. expressed his sadness that there are still those who cannot be reached by Santa Claus and promised to always be a “blessing to others” as long as he can.

Based on a report from the Daily Mail, this isn’t the first time the American rapper shared his blessings during the Yuletide season. In fact, the outlet noted how he seemed to have a soft spot for mothers of Atlanta as he made two different stops at Walmart stores in 2016 to buy gifts for them and their loved ones.

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