Erin McParland Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Pictures: NFL Network Makeup Artist Alleges Sexual Crimes [Photos]

Erin McParland has gone viral after telling her story to Sports Illustrated. As reported in the now-viral article titled “NFL Network Sexual Harassment: One Woman’s Story,” Erin recounted to reporter Tim Rohan what McParland claims happened when she became a “target” for some former football players after getting a job as a makeup artist at NFL Network in 2014. McParland points the finger at Eric Davis and Michael Irvin for instances of alleged sexual misconduct.

According to Erin, she was warned by Jami Cantor, a former wardrobe stylist for NFL Network who sued for wrongful termination – as reported by the Inquisitr – that as a new and pretty woman at the network, she would be targeted. McParland said she learned that some men at NFL Network would be “exceptionally aggressive and inappropriate when it came to sexual behavior in the workplace.” Erin claimed she would soon learn exactly what Jami meant with her warning after freelancing with the NFL Network for three seasons of football.

McParland alleged that she even reported the alleged sexual harassment to the human resources department of NFL Network, but was dismayed with their response. Eric Davis was one of Erin’s alleged abusers, with McParland claiming that Davis would talk about how flexible Erin was and eventually harassed her on Instagram, allegedly making sexual comments.

Erin said that Davis once hugged her, allegedly lingering too long and rubbing his penis into her leg. Another instance featured Davis grabbing Erin’s butt, McParland alleges.

As seen in Facebook photos like those above and below, Erin has a presence on social media that promotes her makeup artistry.

However, McParland recalls that she no longer wanted to work with Davis after the alleged sexual harassment and neither did another makeup artist, who shared similar stories of Eric’s alleged sexual misconduct at NFL Network.

Erin said she gave a detailed testimony of Eric’s sexual misconduct, and McParland even sharing Instagram messages between her and Davis with NFL Network. McParland said she also spoke with human resources about Michael Irvin and his alleged sexual comments and gestures. Erin claimed that Irvin grabbed her wrist one day, an instance that set off her fear and anxiety around him and forced her to remind Irvin not to touch her again.

NFL Network responded to McParland’s allegations by covering her makeup shifts with Davis so she wouldn’t have to work directly with him. However, Eric allegedly eventually approached Erin with an “aggressive stance” after Davis met with human resources about his behavior. Eric went on to work for ESPN, where Erin has also freelanced as a makeup artist.

Sports Illustrated noted the NFL’s response to the allegations about Davis and Irvin, with McParland’s allegations being acknowledged with “swift, appropriate remedial action, including severing our relationship with Mr. Davis.”

As of this writing, Erin’s Instagram account, found at @erinmcparland1, is set to private, however, McParland has plenty of photos of herself on her Twitter page @ErinEMcParland, as seen above and below.