Duggar Family News: Jordyn Duggar’s 8th Birthday Almost Gets Forgotten After Jendra’s Big Announcement

This Tuesday, the Duggar family celebrated something incredibly special on their public social media accounts. Early on during the day, the iconic conservative Christian family announced that Joe and Kendra, who were recently married, are expecting their first baby. The Duggar community immediately reacted to the good news, with many of the family’s social media followers congratulating the young couple for yet another miracle of life.

While all these were going on, it soon became apparent for many Counting On fans that the Duggars seemed to be forgetting something important. As it turned out, December 19 was also Jordyn Duggar’s ninth birthday. Eventually, the official Duggar family Facebook page posted a quick greeting to the 18th Duggar child, but by then, many members of the online reality TV community have noticed that Jordyn seemed to have been brushed aside once again.

The absence of Jordyn’s greeting on the family’s social media pages was significantly noticed by members of the r/CountingOn community, many of whom noted that the Duggars seemed to have forgotten the young girl’s special day. Over the course of the day, three separate threads on Jordyn’s birthday were started in the r/CountingOn community, while two more were posted on the r/19KidsandCounting subreddit.

Many members of the online community took particular issue with the fact that Jordyn’s birthday was utterly eclipsed by the announcement of Jendra’s pregnancy. Several members of the r/CountingOn subreddit, for one, stated that the young couple’s pregnancy announcement seems to have been done in bad taste. The announcement, after all, is something that could have easily been moved a couple of days after Jordyn’s special day.


“Wouldn’t whoever announced Jendra’s pregnancy have known that today is Jordyn’s birthday? Common sense would tell them to delay announcing it for two days till Wednesday or the end of the week. But I guess we can wish her if her family can’t. Happy birthday Jordyn!” wrote one commenter.

“It’s mid-afternoon and still no happy birthday post for Jordyn. Because something always seems to be more important than Jordyn. The story of her poor, lost life,” wrote another.

Eventually, however, the Duggars did release a birthday message for Jordyn on the family’s official Facebook page. By this time, however, the day was almost over. Apart from this, the young girl’s birthday message almost seems haphazardly written, as it was longer than usual but still filled with rather impersonal statements. Below is an excerpt of the family’s nearly late birthday greeting to Jordyn.

“We can’t believe you are already 9 years old today!!! You are such a sweet, smiley encouragement to everyone around you! You look for ways to make others smile. You are quick to offer a helping hand, whether it’s to play with a little baby and keep them entertained and happy or to help mommy cook a meal.”

The greeting’s most intimate section, for one, stated that Jordyn makes everyone around her smile when she’s around. Apart from this, the young girl’s social media greeting simply mentioned how much of a helper she is around the house and how much she enjoys babies. This, of course, did not sit well with several members of the Counting On community.


“I wonder if they’ve seen comments surrounding how they ‘forgot’ her birthday because her birthday message seems longer than normal, albeit the same generic stuff,” wrote one commenter.

“You would think for an 8-year-old, the message would be along the lines of, ‘you are a great artist and love to paint and color’ or ‘you’re starting to get so good at whatever instrument’ or ‘we love how you always dress in your favorite color.’ I feel so sorry for Jordyn. It’s always about serving and helping ‘Mommy’ because that’s the only time she spends with her kids is when they’re helping her,” wrote another.

Over the past few years, Jordyn has become a favorite among many members of the Counting On online community, with many stating that the young girl deserves more care and attention than what she is getting at home. Currently, a new hashtag is starting to trend in the Duggar community. Just like her older sister before her, many reality TV fans are now calling on the Duggar family to free Jordyn.

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