‘General Hospital’ Fan Wars Heat Up, Steve Burton Squashes Rumors Of Friction With ‘GH’ Co-Stars

There is no doubt that General Hospital fans are passionate about their favorite soap, and they can be quite vocal about it on social media. However, things can get out of hand quickly. The fan wars have erupted once again, and it has gotten to the point that some of the actors involved have felt the need to speak out. The latest to come forward is Steve Burton, who posted that GH fans need to just stop with the hate.

Now that Steve Burton has been revealed as the real Jason Morgan and has a twin brother named Drew (Billy Miller), there has been much division on who Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) should be with. General Hospital fans on both sides have been very vocal. Unfortunately, some people take it too far and start attacking the actors instead of just the characters they play.

Burton took to Twitter to tell fans to stop with the hateful fan wars. He also reminded everyone that they are just actors who play their favorite characters and that there is no ill will towards his fellow co-stars, Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco. Why would he have to take the time to reassure General Hospital fans that everything is fine between the three of them?

Kelly has recently posted a few fun photos of herself, many of them alongside Billy Miller, on her personal social media accounts. That has brought some people out of the woodwork to question why she does not have Steve Burton in any of her snapshots.

This has caused speculation that there is animosity between her and Steve. Of course, that is not the case, according to the 47-year-old soap actor. Burton attempted to shut down the hate and remind fans that they are only actors in a daytime drama.

Kelly and Billy will be hosting an event together on February 24 called Killy Live. They have been promoting #killywithkindness on social media as well as yet another reminder that people need to treat each other with kindness.


Steve Burton is back on General Hospital after five years, and even though it has been a positive thing for the ABC soap, his reappearance as Jason Morgan has once again caused some ruckus. In the past, the chaos always seemed to revolve around JaSam and Liason fans. They were constantly at odds over who Jason should be with. The longtime GH character has been involved with both Elizabeth Webber (Becky Herbst) and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco).

Liz is out of the picture for now when it comes to Jason, but Sam, on the other hand, is not. She is right in the middle between Jason and Drew. There are JaSam fans who want Sam back with Jason, but now there are Dream (Drew and Sam) fans who are rooting for Sam and Drew to stay together. It is all so complicated on General Hospital these days.

GH fans are indeed passionate people, but this proves that it can get way out of hand. Billy, Kelly, and Steve have reassured everyone that they have nothing but respect and love between them and that their fans should all do the same, despite their difference of opinions.