World To End, Alien Invasions, Donald Trump Health Crisis, And Other Bizarre Predictions For 2018

The new year is nearly upon us, but what does 2018 have in store? Alien invasions, World War 3, a violent death for O.J. Simpson, and an unwell president, apparently. Here are nine of the biggest, weirdest, and most bizarre predictions for the year ahead.

Alien invasion

Unless you already believe aliens have made contact, this will come as big news. Not E.T. big, or War of the Worlds big. Not even Independence Day big. We’re talking Alien big — and you don’t get bigger than that.

Ex-MoD UFO Chief Nick Pope believes that detailed plans must be made to deal with a possible alien invasion. This way, swift decisions and rapid action can be taken.

“This is exactly the sort of top-level strategic document that politicians and senior officials need in order to take the very rapid and important decisions.”

While there is no mention of 2018 in Nick Pope’s interview with the Express, a separate source suggests this is the year it will happen. Bryant Johnson was arrested after accidentally time-travelling to 2017 by mistake. He was supposed to end up in 2018, as reported by the Kansas City Star in October.

“The aliens filled his body with alcohol and made him stand on a giant pad that teleported him to the year 2017. But there was a glitch. He was supposed to be sent to the year 2018.”

It’s an easy mistake to make. It could have happened to any of us.

Alien Invasion 2018

Armageddon in 2018

The world was going to end back in 2011, as widely publicised by Harold Camping, an American Christian radio host. It didn’t. Then in 2012, as predicted by the Mayans who decided that calendars were not needed beyond this point. Again, nothing happened.

But this time it’s for real. This blog goes into some pretty lengthy calculations as to why 2018 is the year in which Armageddon will start. The blog does look a little old, and links don’t work. Also, the fact that the only four comments are from the author himself suggests this might well be an unreliable source. But hold your horses. This note by Eiji Hoffman on Facebook has nearly 5,000 words, more numbers than I can count, 124 comments, and 85 shares. Oh, and it also provides the exact date – May 20.

Donald Trump will fall ill

Alongside the prediction that Donald Trump will be “more careful” with Twitter (sniggers), Old Moore’s Almanac suggests that the president’s health will be in the spotlight in 2018, as reported by the Journal. In better news for Mr. Trump, it seems his approval rating will continue to rise.

This is not the only foretelling of ill-health for Donald Trump. The next warning comes from psychic Jeanne Mayell.

“Donald Trump will not be impeached, but rather sidelined, supposedly with a health crisis around late 2018 to late 2019.”

In addition to prophecies surrounding the president’s health, less-specific predictions appear on the site. Apparently, the stock market will be like a roller-coaster; there will be chaos, wars, and terrorism; people will be depressed; and something unknown will become known.

In positive news, angels will make more appearances (odd, given all the chaos going on), love will increase (despite the war), and unsurprisingly there will be a rise in yoga practice due to all the stress.

Donald Trump 2018

Scientology will crumble

Crumble is such a strong word. Probably a little too strong for this prediction. But at least it’s a word. Unlike “Dianetics” or “Thetan,” both of which were invented by sci-fi writer and founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard.

Attracting many high-profile names, including Tom Cruise and John Travolta, Scientology is a religion (or cult, depending on how you look at it). It gained notoriety for its bizarre beliefs and practices including procedures such as “auditing.” Auditing is where members are forced to reveal their fears and deepest secrets, all of which are recorded, of course, and is how Tom Cruise and John Travolta are controlled by the religion, according to the Washington Post.

Nevertheless, damning predictions are made for the religion (well, for Scientology in Ireland, at least).

“Scientology will face serious hurdles and scandals in Ireland”

This prediction, made by Old Moore’s Almanac, might not be spelling out the end for Scientology on a global scale, but if the downfall is going to start anywhere, why not Ireland?

O.J. Simpson to suffer violent death

Here is another prediction from Old Moore’s Almanac. Yet, while others seem vague, this one seems sinisterly precise. As with most fortune tellers, mediums, psychics, and horoscopes, the messages passed on tend to be ambiguous, and can often be applied to most situations and people. This is called the Barnum effect. The Barnum effect (or Forer effect), as explained by Britannica, is where a person believes a personality description applies specifically to them. This might appear to be the case, but in fact, the information is generic and can apply to anyone.

In this prediction, we have the name, what is going to happen, when it will happen, and that it will be violent. It doesn’t get any more specific than that, let’s be honest.

So, where would such a chilling prediction come from? Maybe it’s the gruesome murders of which O.J. Simpson was accused, resulting in the “Trial of the Century,” which summon such strong and powerful words and feelings? Or maybe the in-house psychic, Old Moore, responsible for this prediction believes in karma, and is adamant that O.J. deserves this fate? We will probably never know. What we do know is that if this prophecy ends up being true, Old Moore might become as famous as O.J. himself.

O.J. Simpson 2018 Prediction

Global Recession

While some of these predictions for 2018 are indeed bizarre, others do have more solid foundations. Fears of a global recession in 2018 are not scrawled on mystical parchment, or hiding away in pre-historic blog posts. They’re printed in black and white in newspapers, or in this case, on computer screens.

Referring to a prediction tool called BCI, highlights that fears are growing.

“Financial articles have lately battened down the hatches, as if a storm is brewing. Better to be prepared for an ill wind than be caught flat footed in a raging gale.”

According to Forbes, one of three black swans could cause a global recession in 2018. They relate to issues with China, Europe, and the USA.

Global Recession 2018

World War 3

North Korea expert Gordon Change believes Kim Jong-un could trigger World War 3 within nine months. Speaking with the Express, he highlights Donald Trump’s strangulation campaign.

“In nine months or so I think that the President’s plan will have a great effect. Also at that time, the North Koreans will become confident in their arsenal. They will be confident that they can put a nuke on top of a missile that can reach the American homeland. You put those two events together and it spells trouble for 2018.”

North Korea has stated that it will defend itself “mercilessly” If Donald Trump proceeds with naval blockade orders.

Bitcoin to hit $60,000

There is a bit of a Bitcoin bubble blowing, if you believe the Bank of England, as per the BBC. That is, of course, unless you are one of the Bitcoin believers. One such believer is Danish bank Saxo. Their forecasts suggest the cryptocurrency could hit $60,000 in 2018. If you are thinking about buying into bitcoin, just take a small step back and ask yourself: “what would Warren Buffet do?”

“What the wise do in the beginning, fools do at the end.”

Bitcoin $60,000

World Peace

Word peace is something we all dream of. Well, most of us at least. Will this dream of many become reality in 2018? It’s a long shot, but maybe there is a chance…

“I see the flags of many countries coming together as one.”

This is another prediction from Jeanne Mayell, And if that doesn’t mean world peace, what does?

Adding support to the idea, Business Insider UK predicts peace in Syria.

“Syria’s nearly seven-year-old civil war will find a political solution in 2018.”

Well, there you have it. O.J Simpson dead, Bitcoin very much alive, Donald Trump ill, aliens invading all over the place, no more Scientology (at least in Ireland), financial crisis, and world peace. Knowing our luck, it will all happen on the same day.