‘Dragon Ball Super’ Major Spoilers: Frieza’s Fate In The Tournament Of Power Revealed!

Frieza has yet to enter the spotlight since the Tournament of Power started. As the end of the Universal Survival arc draws near, he will soon be forced to engage in a major battle to help the Universe 7 win the tournament. The latest Dragon Ball Super spoilers may have revealed Frieza’s fate in the Tournament of Power.

Frieza was not originally a member of Team Universe 7. However, with the absence of Majin Buu, Son Goku decided to make Frieza their 10th warrior. In order to convince him to join, Son Goku promised that he will be revived once they win the Tournament of Power. As of now, there is no doubt Universe 7 made the right decision to recruit Frieza. Despite avoiding powerful opponents like Jiren, he has made major contributions by helping his teammates in tough situations.

Unfortunately for fans who are starting to love Frieza, Dragon Ball Super writer Toshio may have hinted his undesirable fate in the Tournament of Power. According to Otakukart, Toshio said that he likes to draw references from Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball manga. Following his tweet, he also posted a scene of Son Goku and Vegeta wherein Son Goku said that when Vegeta dies with a halo in his head, he will be completely erased from the world. This is equal to being destroyed by the God of Destruction or being erased by Omni-King Zeno.

As everyone knows, Frieza is the only dead character in the ongoing Tournament of Power. Otakukart speculated that something wrong will happen to Frieza’s plan which could result in his possible death or erasure. With the tournament nearing an end, Frieza is expected to go all-out and engage in a major battle.

Most Dragon Ball Super fans must be wanting to see the battle between Golden Frieza and Jiren The Gray. Frieza is the exact opposite of Jiren. While Frieza is known as one of the evilest characters in Dragon Ball, Jiren has a huge heart and a true fighter of justice as shown in DBS manga.

Frieza is the type of mortal Jiren hates the most. His evil character could be enough to convince him to fight Frieza in the Tournament of Power. However, it remains questionable if his potential battle against Jiren will lead to his death. As revealed in the manga, Jiren has never killed an enemy despite possessing a God-like power.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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